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The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

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  1. Pelotonjon
    If any Canadians want to get rid of an extra pair of Turbines from the Futureshop deal, please PM me.
  2. Mephistopheles
    Is it sold out already? I thought there were 4000+ in stock?
  3. LulzSec
    Yup SOLD OUT. Surprised, its on sale until JAN 5.
  4. ballerificalvin
    ******* DAMNIT SOLDOUT 
  5. Mephistopheles
    Anybody who bought an extra pair, Im willing to buy. PM me just in case. I live in ON, Canada.
    Cant believe I missed it!
  6. olear

    I am also interested. A fellow head-fier was not able to get through. Thank you
  7. LulzSec
    I'm pretty sure no one was able to pick up an extra pair, it was one per household, but if someone did happen to buy more than one, it would probably be a gift anyways. 

    Anybody who wanted one and got the MTPC's were probably extremely excited to purchase them, and to be honest it was very hard to get them. I don't think anybody would be selling theirs :frowning2:
  8. GreenTea
    Aw man I missed out on the Coppers again? [​IMG]
    I got the Klipsch X10 this Black Friday and every ear tip causes a lot of fatigue or pain so I'm looking for a new pair...can anyone give me a quick comparison between the 2 IEMs? Because amongst all my headphones/IEMs the Klipsch are definitely the best sounding.
  9. Salil




    Missed the sale too.... They were in stock when I added them to my cart... lost them in the checkout line.... extremely disappointed with self for missing this deal.... was looking forward to this since it was announced.... 
    Just in case a kind soul has picked up a spare pair, I would love to take it off your hands... PM me and I'm sure we can come to some sort of an 'arrangement'. I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada btw.... 
    I can't believe they sold 4000+ units in an hour. Something's doesn't sound right... I'm going to keep scanning this till the end of sale date....(this just might be wishful thinking)
  10. Salil
    I know this is a long shot....  but is there any way we can get Best Buy to PM this? Or does PM'ing not work on Boxing Day / out of stock items?
  11. monoglycer
    You can't PM on boxing day deals.
  12. applebook
    On my way to process the payment, entered my CC info and BAM! Error occurred.

    Oh well, I was just going to sell these at cost here to an international buyer.

    For those of you hoping for extra pairs, thi was limited to 1 per household :mad: so don't count on it.
  13. Salil
    Looks like we'll have to let this one go..... [​IMG]
    This Christmas isnt going to be merry at all....
  14. dweaver
    At least you got a pair. I was only buying for a Head-fi member, I went to the checkout and it sat on the stupid Futureshop waiting page and never did process. I finally ended up having to try again on another computer (so I guess it really wasn't a stupid Future Shop thing but a stupid my computer isn't working thing).
    By that time Future Shop has managed to sell 4000+ units and is sold out :frowning2: NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! I had to tell the person was going to help out that it didn't work VERY UNHAPPY! Also lost out on a laptop I was trying to buy (in this case actually maybe a good thing as I found out that particular laptop may have been a bit slower than I thought and had to settle on a faster model that cost $130 more). So not a very happy night for me or my fellow head-fi friend.
  15. Salil

    Still can't wrap my head around that number....
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