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The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

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  1. windforcexx28
    I'm still at 0% of the queue!
  2. LulzSec
    Mine isn't moving. :p Two tabs open.
  3. Concept357
    56%, and in quebec its only 95$ instead od 100 :)
  4. KraftD1
    No movement here.
  5. windforcexx28
    Still at 0%...
  6. djvkool


    $199 TF10 from logitechshop.com.au with free delivery, I actually think that will end up cheaper as the UK Amazon deal if you take the freight cost into consideration
  7. LulzSec
    Nope its always been 95$, they changed the price today.
    95$ anywhere in canada!
  8. d.linquent
    windforcexx28.... once I got past about 5%, the percentage started jumping several points at a time. I'm at 76% now, and can't have been more than a couple of minutes ahead of you. Don't despair.... once the line starts moving, it looks like it moves fast.
  9. LulzSec
    By the way, if you only see the moving arrows and no percent number. 
    Its probably your browser, i had chrome and i was having issues, started up FireFox, its now moving!
    EDIT: Its definitely Chrome's fault, on firefox now i can see the progress bar.. 
  10. Zida
    A tip for ye futureshopping head-fiers:

    I went added to cart and moved into the checkout queue nearly instantly where I was stuck at 0% for 5 minutes. At that time i decided to open a second tab and start a second queue. My first queue instantly started progressing where my second one never properly loaded. It progressed gradually up to 28% where it stalled for roughly 10 minutes. At that point I decided to close my second queue tab to refresh it. What I found was I needed to resign-in and I got to skip the queue altogether (bug on their end? queue just failed to refresh on my end?) either way, I got my order in.

    I recommend trying something similar in a second tab.

    Edit: my point being that it's possible it's already your turn but it's bugging and hasn't loaded on your end... or there was a bug and they mass-dumped cookies and I just got to skip the line because everyone was waiting on their bugged line while no longer signed in... ALL speculation, but you might as well try it as long as you don't close you're first queue tab
  11. LulzSec
    I got an error message. 

    Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.

    The page may be temporarily unavailable or may no longer exist.

    Please take a moment to provide us feedback by clicking the button below and telling us what you were attempting to do when this error occurred.

    Your input will help us improve the quality of the site for our customers."


    At this point, if you've been waiting since 5 PM PST or 9PM EST (whatever time zone)

    Go make a new tab, add your Turbines, then go checkout, it should have no wait now, i skipped the queue.

  12. windforcexx28
    Thanks! I followed the advice and opened a second tab in firefox and got to the checkout page instantly. Must have been a bug on their side.
    It's almost 9 pm here. Merry Christmas!
  13. swordknight
    Got them ordered, but haven't received an invoice email yet.
    It also said one of the visas weren't working.

    Looks like their servers are having some issues.
    Hold tight!
  14. d.linquent
    Same here.... got the error message, reopened my shopping cart, restarted checkout, and it proceeded without a wait.
    Interesting thing with the "double-tab" technique.   Have to remember that for next time.
    Merry Christmas!
  15. LulzSec
    Could someone order these for me? I'll pay you VIA COD
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