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  1. AverageDude
  2. Henrikfi
    Thank you!
    Ever tried the Lyras with a balanced cable and source?
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  3. JaeYoon
    Yes I have. But I feel all balanced amps on DAPs are just bridged amps.
    They are not truely balanced like a + / - Differential AMP.

    Not only that.
    If there is no hot and cold and ground pin together. 2.5mm cable does not either of those like XLR cables do. They will never be balanced.
    All in all all balanced outputs in these daps only have bridged amps that are used to supply higher MW output that is all. My jupiters i bought off a headfier here do come with a 2.5mm cable. But Im skeptical about using it. I will use it on my Aune.
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  4. barondla
    The IMR looks interesting, but the description is poorly worded. If it is Bob, glad totally detachable cables are back. So is the beryllium driver handling the bass and ceramic the highs? Or the opposite?
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  5. JaeYoon
    Yeah those modular cables. That modular part feels like it would swing back and fourth thumping on your chest.

    Good thing its back to detachable.
    The thought of having to send iems back to trinity for repair because of top connectors going bad. :c
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  6. majo123
    Interesting ....well when the company opens officially I will probably have a look and see specs time frames etc.
    As I said I will support and am definitely interested, I can't knock products because it's always delivered for me , sabre and master both outstanding iems for the money.
    I hope it all works out for bob honestly and I'm sure the man understands my personal sceptism with what happened or lack of with hunter and delta rerun which was the products I ordered .
    Hey bob you make fantastic iems at affordable prices and i hope the trinity saga is just a blip for you and everyone else who was involved, so let's see what your offering :wink:
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  7. CactusPete23
    Agree 100%. IMHO: Would really like to see some specifications. Like : Impedance, Efficiency, Distortion?, Weight, Dimensions, Material of construction, Exact Connector type, Cable Type, Tip Diameter, etc.. Maybe even an audio output curve ?

    Only Qualitative descriptions don't do much for me; unless it's actual listening reviews of samples from folks who have listened to a bunch of IEMs/Headphones.

    For example: 14-40,000 Hz could be at +/- 50db ... Which might a high percentage of IEMs? So it actually says nothing to me.
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  8. majo123
    Yes more details on sound sig would be nice , cables , materials etc......and also the one on most people's lips , estimated production times , looking forward to seeing the web page.
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  9. JaeYoon
    hey all, I need to publish some interesting things about SE vs Balanced out.

    I'm using Aune M1S and Jupiters and kindly thanks for original headfi member for including 2.5mm at no extra cost.
    With Balanced output at my usual hearing level. I do hear increased soundstaging, and the staging has improved.
    However if I reduce the volume, the extra staging goes away.

    I plug in 3.5 MMCX and increase the volume. by 6 steps or so, and immediately experience that same effect on Bal output.

    What do you all think?
  10. Intensecure
    Hmm, not too happy to see the pre-order phrase return.
    OK, so Bob made enough from Trinity to bankroll his developments, or has another financial backer, and doing an interest check isn't the worst thing in the world, but if it was me (obviously it isn't but just my opinion) I would do it like Periodic Audio did - develop the products, maybe do a nice advertising campaign leading up to release, with, as you said CactusPete , some reviews and detailed specifics, and then go to market with product built and ready to sell. Just the concept of pre-order has negative attachment due to past performance. There will always be uncertainty as to the timescale and expectation of delay. :frowning2:
    Ho hum, whatever. When products go to market I'll see what they are and how they are received before even considering. :wink:
    I suppose Bob is done with head-fi now, we won't see BobIMR in the future on here? :wink: Just wants to deal through Facebook now? I'm not on Facebook (there are a few of us still holding out) so hopefully someone will keep us informed on here. But I'll be watching from a distance.. :wink:
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  11. CactusPete23
    Hmm, Interesting ! Some DAP's actually quote higher power output via "balanced" output... So that would match your hearing. Some DAP's quote lower Output Impedance for their "balanced" output, and that could lead to different (usually better) sound signature on Low Impedance IEM's.
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  12. Intensecure
    @JaeYoon did you see Brooko's comments on the Fiio X7ii thread about balanced - perception versus reality and measurements?
    Pretty much my opinion as well. I think the balanced thing is a fad, which will pass. I'm surprised that Fiio put so much emphasis on it on this generation of products. It seems to be the manufacturer following trends rather than innovating for actual improvement, but that's just my HO.
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  13. JaeYoon
    Thanks, I did not know that! I do like 110 MW on SE out for Aune on my iems for sure!
    Along with N3 etc
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  14. JaeYoon
    Yes, for sure. It's bad fiio is playing into this scheme. I'm checking out brookos post now.
    He pmed me actually to let me know about balanced cables. I totally understand what he meant now.
    Cmon, really fiio, you should know better than this....
  15. majo123
    I'm not on Facebook either but i will keep a watch what's going on...i do hope he comes back to headfi though.
    And pre order without financial commitment? Well let's see how that is going to manifest.
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