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The IEM carry method for the OCD Head-Fier

  1. Orkboy
    I thought I'd share my slightly excessive IEM carrying case method with you.
    This a Pelican 1010 case with foam pieces I cut to size. The result is that I can place each monitor in a fixed position and they won't be knocking against each other as I walk around, take my bag off, run up stairs, etc. It's a simple design, just a crude Y shape on the floor of the case, and an M shape on top to hold the monitors in place, with space for the cable. As far as I can tell, they're not receiving pressure from anywhere when the case is closed. they're not in contact with the lid or the sides of the case, only soft foam. I also cut a foam insert for the lid, but the solid coloured Pelican lids come with a slightly stiffer foam glued in to the lid anyway. 

    I wrap the cable lightly using the over and under method as shown in the video at the end of this post. I tuck the jack into the middle of the loop, place the cable into position and then place the monitors in their slots. I put the right monitor in the left slot, and the left monitor in the right slot, this is to avoid having to twist the cable. 
    You can see in the above picture that the cable is wound a little bit tighter. I've recently removed the foam on the sides where the cable is to give it a bit more room and allow it to be wound more relaxed. The first picture in the post shows this.

    The case is crush, water and dust proof, it's built like a tank and has a pressure seal. Pelican cases have a lifetime warranty. With all that I can throw the case in my bag with relative peace of mind. 

    The downside to the Orkboy method is that it takes a bit of space to carry the case around, and it's difficult to put the IEMs back into the case when you're in a rush or on the go, and of course if you're on public transport people will think you are absolutely insane. The case is also a little expensive compared to the Otterbox 1000 or Westone IEM Vault.

    I have two of these, another one in blue for my SE215. The black one pictured here holds my SE353. I store them in this otherwise unused hard drive cage on my PC desk.


    So, what do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions or questions? 

    D Rob likes this.
  2. itshot
    I like this. I'll try this out over the weekend. Can't be too careful with my hella expensive CIEMs. :p
  3. mosshorn
    As a fellow OCD person (at least with protecting/organizing.....and symmetry) I enjoy this.
  4. itshot
    His avatar is symmetrical as well... this guy means business. XD
  5. mosshorn
    The bandanna is slightly to the right, but close if I don't think about it :p
  6. Orkboy
  7. Orkboy
    Orky bump :-$
  8. itshot
    Smaller foam lol
  9. Orkboy
    How does everyone else carry their IEMs? Am I being over zealous in my desire to prevent the monitors from moving around inside?
  10. whirlwind
    Nice....I just use an altoids tin...works great for me.
    Oh.....and hi Gordon Freeman [​IMG]
  11. Mooses9
    its nice to see someone like myself that is overly anal ocd about their audio equipment lol
  12. Orkboy
    I don't have any friends.
  13. KimChee
    That's not pocketable is it?
  14. Orkboy
    Not unless you have massive pockets.

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