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The iBasso D7 "Sidewinder" true 24/196 USB, images first page.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Oct 26, 2011.
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  1. Xymordos
    I'm actually more interested in the 4xESS9018 Desktop DAC they're releasing next June
  2. estreeter


    Interesting that they wont give any kind of estimate on the DX100 - clearly, it wont be 'sub $250', but I'm sure they are equally unwilling to say 'over $500' .... .
  3. TiEx
    Color: Black|Dull Silver      Price: $ 179.00      Package Weight: 400 g    
    iBasso D7
    24Bit/192KHz USB-DAC
    Main Features:
    - True 24Bit/192K USB-DAC, supports bit for bit decoding.
    - Asynchronous USB transfer
    - WM8740 DAC chip
    - Up to 24Bit/192K coaxial output
    - RCA output and Line out.
    - Built-in +/- 5V class A headphone amplfiier that run off of USB power
    - Full aluminum case
    - Measures 60W*93L*22H (mm), and weights 108g
    - Comes with USB Cable, and Leather pouch
  4. trentino
    Cool, it's out! I have absolutely no use for it, but, looks nice and small :)
  5. trentino
    Can the D7 be used as a usb>spdif converter? I have been looking into getting one of those.
  6. Anthony1
    So its not portable? It only runs off USB? There is no battery?
  7. TiEx

    Yes it can, but is it in the same league as HiFace or HagUsb... I don't think so. Then what's the purpose for you m8...
    Looks like there is no battery inside. Else they would state that there is in features list.
  8. RAFA

     No battery? Nothing to do here for me... unsubscribed
  9. Anthony1
    so basically its a desktop DAC? 
  10. Armaegis
    dac/amp, usb only
    looks like they downgraded again from the 8741 to the 8740
    oh hey... it's class A now, that's interesting!
  11. estreeter
    I had many of the same concerns about being 'tied to my laptop' when I bought the MSII, but you quickly realise that its only a problem if you planned to use the DAC with sources that dont have a USB port - I cant extract the digital signal from any of my DAPs, so its a non-issue for me. That said, my paltry few shekels are earmarked for other things - still keen to hear impressions on this gadget.
  12. Allforheather
    hey, at least it is really cheap, I guess it will be a pretty good idea to stack the P4 and the D7 together to create a non-balanced mini system giving the fact you can find a nice short RCA to 3.5mm cable..
  13. Armaegis


    It's got a 3.5mm lineout on the front.
  14. burgunder
    Hmm I were hoping for something a little more high-end but who knows perhaps it sounds good.
  15. voon
    USB 3.0 ports offer 900 mW ... but not sure if only, when a USB 3.0 Device is connected to it. Btw: Is there a limitation in some way on what can be sent through USB, apart from just its bandwidth? I'ts not such a bad device, even for the price ... it's an external high end soundcard. Others aren't much cheaper usually.
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