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The iBasso D12, dual dacs . images . new Sysconcept optical cable . . Topkit by HiFlight. .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Aug 19, 2010.
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  1. FuzzyDunlop
    As i've got a macbook pro I'm guessing it would be beneficial for me to get the D12 as opposed to the D6 as i can make use of the optical thus freeing up USB ports or is there another difference between the two (sound?) that i'm missing
  2. Armaegis
    The D12 is more versatile, the D6 is more powerful (I think). Pick your pleasure/poison.
  3. FuzzyDunlop
    Thanks, I really am torn D6 or D12 which will be with me in time for my holiday or wait 3-4 weeks and get the arrow and invest in a separate DAC
  4. Sorensiim
    The D12 will let you play 24/96 files via optical from your MBP :)
    Anyone try this amp with a pair of Sennheiser HD25-1 II?
    Edit: My HD25's are hear. Nice, crisp sound with the D12.
  5. mrspeakers Contributor
    The D12 has a lot of power for most applications.  Remember, a 3db increase in output is DOUBLING the power.  It'll drive my LCD-2 too loud for me to listen to before clipping (never felt I got close with them on my noggin), and that is a relatively low-efficiency can...  
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  6. Sorensiim
    I saw a couple of you guys had bought HiFlights opamp rolling kit for the D12... Any opamp recommendations for rock? Is there a review of the opamps that I missed somewhere?
  7. Sorensiim
    Sorry for spamming the thread, but I just emailed Ibasso about my RFI woes with the D12 and they suggested getting a pair of LME49721 opamps, as the default ones are quite sensitive - Have anyone tried these?
    Edit: Ibasso just replied - The LME49721 is the single opamp included in the kit that came with the D12. The damn thing still picks up the same amounts of interference with the single opamp.
  8. wolfen68 Contributor


    With my previous D10, changing the opamps virtually eliminated the problems you're describing.  It may be effort well spent to experiment with more opamps in your D12.

  9. Sorensiim


    NIce to hear that! I'd love to hear anything anyone has to share about the sound from the different opamps :)
  10. Gorthon
    I am pretty sure that HiFlight has listed out the different op amps he has tried and described how they sound somewhere within this thread.
  11. nv88
    I received my topkit a few days ago.  My first impressions are in agreement with the others who have commented.  The topkit has 5 chips 2 "silver" buffers, 2 "red" opamps intended for Pop/Rock and 1 "pink" opamp intended for Jazz/Classical. 
    I listened briefly to the topkit red opamps with the dummy buffers included by iBasso with the D12. The reds had a punchy sound described around here as "fun."  This sound to me was very different from the stock opamps.  I did like the sound better than the stock opamps (with or without the stock buffers). 
    The single pink opamp with silver topkit buffers was closer to the stock sound, but with import differences.  The Jazz/Classical opamp seemed to have a much wider sound stage and an extended frequency range, especially the high frequencies.  It sounded neutral/natural to me.  There seemed to be more detail than the stock opamps.  The most noticeable thing to me was the wider sound stage.  I'll be listening to the classical opamp for awhile. 
    Thanks HiFlight!
  12. Sorensiim
    Just the sort of "review" I needed, thanks a ton! :)

    I love a punchy sound so I guess I'll be pm'ing Hiflight as soon as I finish typing this...
  13. JIGF
    Quick question.
    Is the volume knob made of metal?
  14. stactum

  15. JIGF

    Has there been comparisons to the PD XM6?
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