The "How did I end up with all of these DAP's" Sale! Fiio, Hidizs, Astell & Kern, Shanling, Cowon, Xduoo

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  1. faultfracture
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    I ended up with a lot of DAP's and now that I've tried several I've made my decisions and am looking to trade or sell what i have remaining, here's the list:

    Fiio X5iii - minty in box -- $225
    Hidizs AP200 - small scratch on back, the rest is perfect and in original box -- $200
    Astell & Kern AK70mk2 Anniversary Edition (Red) - mint in box -- trade preferred
    Shanling M1 (Black) - mint in box -- $100
    Cowon Plenue D - lightly used in box -- $135
    Xduoo X3 - screen is scratched but works great and in box -- $40
    Fiio X1 mk1 - excellent condition -- $50
    Sansa Sport Plus - scratched screen but works well-- $45

    Let's hear some trade offers! I'm interested in all kinds of headphone gear, new and old... The worst I can do is say no.

    Some pics:

    my ebay feedback:
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  2. thanks4alltheFish
    Lots of daps! GLWS
  3. faultfracture
    :) -- thanks!
  4. musicheaven
    I am interested in your free old iPods if you don’t mind.
  5. faultfracture
  6. faultfracture
    All still available and also have a Sansa Sport+ w/ bluetooth that I'd sell cheap because it has a scratched screen...
  7. Sotiris
    Cowon d trade? I can offer totl tihidz 650ohm earbud and walnut f1 portable amp. Or some money additionally. I have also many earbuds that i can give you.
  8. faultfracture
    Sorry but no thank you.

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