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The Hopelessly Derailed ODAC/Objective DAC Anticipation/Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by maverickronin, Apr 29, 2012.
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  1. stv014
    That does not tell much, especially if the graphs are not actual measurements but have been copied and pasted from the datasheet of the DAC chip (an unfortunately common practice). This is the lowly Realtek codec on my motherboard at 44.1 kHz; the bass roll-off is because of the capacitor coupled line output having to drive a low impedance (~4 kΩ) line input:
    Here are the results of RMAA tests someone has done on the NFB-12, but take them with a grain (or perhaps even more) of salt.
  2. HaVoC-28
    i put a smiley you know ? [​IMG]
  3. jjacq
    Question, do any of you guys here ONLY own this amp/dac(O2/ODAC)? Or do you guys find yourselves miss other amp sounds? I'm thinking of getting one and maybe a tube amp that's pretty for mere aesthetics.... I currently own a Fiio E17/E9 and if I get the O2/ODAC I'll probably sell the E9 and keep the E17 for portable use. I know the ODA is coming soon so I might just wait for that... :frowning2:

    Basically I'm asking if the O2/ODAC will be the only setup I'll ever need if I maybe, get an LCD-2 or something around that range in the future.
  4. maverickronin
  5. jjacq
    ^thanks. More and more I'm getting convinced that I should really get this nifty little amp/dac. I wonder if there's a way to make it slightly prettier than it is though.
  6. maverickronin
    If you're handy you can put it in as fancy a case as you'd like.  You could probably also commission someone to do a custom build for you though that would probably get a bit more expensive.  With the extra money you'd spend on casework you might want to consider something like The Wire instead of O2 which would measure even better and has more power if you wanted something like HE-6 down the line.
    If you don't have anything at a higher sample rate higher than 96khz or need coax or optical inputs I don't think there's much reason to get anything more expensive than the ODAC.  There are some occasions when you could use more power than the O2 can provide so if you end up making a more long term investment with custom case work and what not you might want to consider something like The Wire along with something like a resistor relay volume control.  That would probably be all you'd ever need.  I'm planning to build something similar eventually.
  7. jjacq
    ^Oh I see. That's definitely something to consider. I probably would just get an LCD-2, a pair of Grados, and maybe a closed can for portable use, like I can just keep my HD25 which won't need any more amping power. I have custom IEMs but besides the LCD-2, I don't think I'd need an amp with more power. I remember NwAvGuy saying that the OCA's paired DAC coming up would probably have 96khz right? Or does the ODAC already support 96k w/ USB?
    With the pretty case thing, I can probably just get a pretty tube amp for show(jk) that'll give me a good sound signature that I'd like to hear coming from the LCD-2. Don't know much about tube amps right now but there are a bunch of pretty ones out there like the Darkvoice ones.
    Do you find yourself switching between your O2 and your D1's or you use the O2's now exclusively? Most people complain about the O2 being less edgy and whatnot but it makes me wonder if that makes them not want to listen it or what? Sorry it's like I repeated the question. 
  8. maverickronin
    The O2 has plenty of power for all those so if you don't think you're going to jump from 'phone to 'phone the O2 will be fine.
    I don't use the D1 anymore but I do switch between a couple other amps/DACs for convince.  If I'm not listening to stuff from my main music library through foorbar with my DSP chain I use the Leckerton UHA-4 just because I can't listen without crossfeed.  I use the ODAC > UHA-4 at the office since the ODAC has a lower noise floor than the UHA-4's 16 bit DAC.  I use the UHA-4 at home with games, youtube, and other streaming content.  Depending on whether I feel like digging the ODAC out of my bag I use the the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or the ODAC to feed my O2 when listening through foobar at home.
  9. AstralStorm
    Audiotrak device is near 0 Ohm, but they did add a 32 Ohm resistor on the 3.5 mm output for reasons unknown, so the rated impedance on that output (as opposed to 6.3 mm) is 33 Ohm.
    Power specs are 150 mW at 16 Ohm, 100 mW at 150 Ohm. Modest, but to be expected on USB power.
    Current stage is pretty cheap with 3x JRC4580s, but acceptable -  they're pretty low noise and should provide up to about 100 mA at least in the configuration I've seen.
    The only inferior part is OPA2134, but that's pluggable... while LM4562 would work, I'm uncertain about the behavior on low voltage - it's barely in spec - and about current noise.
    NE5532 would definitely work and perhaps would do best here. (Edit: NE5532 can't work with that low voltage at all.)
    Hopefully the extra bias currents vs OPA2134 won't tax something.
  10. jarrett
    I'm interested in the ODAC with RCA outputs. Has anyone compared the ODAC with the HRT MSII? That's about the only other product I'm interested in. Requirements: USB, no headphone amp, rca outputs :)
  11. temporaryname
     I believe Audio Poutine sells custom ODAC's with optional RCA. Ask them. They deal through facebook.
  12. fenderf4i

    He's in Ontario I believe. .
  13. jarrett
    Did that and got a price too...
    $150 with case with RCA outputs
  14. kiteki
  15. AstralStorm
    Oh, a mistake. Actually, need an opamp that will do and work well at 10V. NE5532 is fine. However, I see no reason at all to switch the included OPA2134.
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