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The History of In-Ear Monitoring with Andy Shiach from ACS

  1. Mike Dias Contributor
    Andy Shiach — the founder and managing director at ACS — speaks about his early life as a musician and how a studio accident permanently damaged his hearing setting his life on a very different trajectory.

    In this intimate interview, Andy talks about how he went from musician to audiologist to England's top distributor of the the Etymotic ER-15 Musician Earplugs. He then talks about his involvement with Garwood and how he began making custom IEMs for England's top touring musicians and sound engineers.

    This is not just an interview about the history of ACS and their approach to building custom in-ear monitors — this is a significant part of the history of in-ear monitors themselves.

    ‍This video interview is shared with the community in its entirety. It was originally published at IEMITO.
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  2. LTDJ
    Question for Andy, when are you going to relaunch custom silicone IEM sleeves.

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