The HIFIMAN HE1000 International Photography Contest Winners

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    HIFIMAN Announcing HE1000 International Photo Contest Winners

    After a grueling selection process by the judges comprised of audiophiles, photographer and industrial designers, we finally have the winners. We would like to thank all participants for taking part, the quality of submissions was wonderful and we would like to say thank you, each and every one.

    First Place: EF6 headphone amplifier

    Author: Micah Rose

    Title: Reality Sphere


    Second Place x 3: EF100 amplifier

    Author: 爱乐爱乐

    Title: Colors of HIFIMAN


    Author: yezimh

    Title: Me, a Veteran Audiophile


    Author: Kevin Le Cras

    Title: My HE1000 V2


    Third Place x 5: HE adapter

    Author: Layla2017: HE1000V2, I Got You Under My Skin…


    Author: 炙热的兰斯洛特

    Title: HE1000V2, A Moment of Tranquility in a Bustling World


    Author: Tom Danus

    Title: Now that's what I call heavyweight sound from lightweight body


    Author: 刚果布拉柴维尔的阿依土鳖公主

    Title: HE1000V2 - Listening to the Spring in the South


    Author: tzftzr

    Title: Through the Window Shade…

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