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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. HungryPanda
    my card is ExFat and runs perfectly on mine
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  2. KaizerBeelzebub
    Hello there, I wanted to ask if it is possible to connect OP3 with the R3 via usb c or something because I would like to use spotify from time to time.
    I could pair them with bluetooth but the quality is crap and my phone has disconnection issues.
  3. Photoman
    Is the recently added section is working right? Mine says no music
  4. bassct
    Kaizer, you might be able to transfer some files while connected to the smartphone, but i havent tried that. It definitely will NOT run Spotify that way. Bluetooth only. You might be able to listen to Spotify with a dongle DAC. I am not sure since i do not use music streaming apps.
  5. dissembled
    A perfect companion to the R3 is the Meze Noirs with the new original pads. My God, I swear, it's a pair made in heaven.
  6. mattg3
    Just to be sure ,if I format a 64 gb card in my iMac to ex fat it will work in the Hiby R3? Just want to be sure before format it and load it all up with music. At one time I thought I read that micro SD cards need Fat 32 format to work in DAPS from Hiby and Fiio.
  7. justnmi
    Yes, formatting to exfat on a Mac will work just fine in the R3. I have a 256GB card formatted to exfat on my Mac running just fine in the R3.
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  8. mattg3
    I now own both the M11 and The R3.I was a bit disappointed that when I put firmware upgrade into the R3 I did not get the same Hiby player that I got when I put it on my M11 and upgraded it. Hiby player on the M11 had a great option that allowed it to find all missing album art on the internet and install it. It also allowed different ways to display album art on the M11. Because the R3 is a Hiby product I figured to get the most advanced Hiby player but no such luck.Any idea if the advanced Hiby player will make it to the R3 soon?
  9. mattg3
    Does anyone know what the system setting-Recording Steps that has an off or on option mean?
  10. KaizerBeelzebub
    How is the M11 vs R3? even though I like the r3 I think it is limiting the user unnecessarily. wouldn't mind the change.
  11. SteveOliver
    Isn't that for measuring steps when you go out walking with it? I've never used it myself.
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  12. mattg3
    I had the M11 for a month or so and love its huge sound and soundstage.I bought the R3 for convenience and portability. The R3 has a nice warm sound and the M11 is more powerful with a brighter sound. Both sound great but I would not take M11 out of house because of its weight and size. The R3 is a gym, beach DAP.
  13. mattg3
    LOL- I never thought of that.I felt it was some odd sound setting and I was baffled.
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  14. Micha0815
    Does anybody have stability issues with 3.3 firmware?

    After updating to that firmware, I very often have spontaneously reboots :astonished:
  15. mikp
    also the r3 fails to play files if not set to sbc first with the likes of jabra 65t
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