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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Omoshai
    I haven't listened to the R3 without using the EarStudio for any meaning-full period of time I am afraid. EarStudio is such a great device it's been pointless. Stays connected to my R3 and iPhone simultaneously. LDAC on EarStudio and R3 does the job for me of providing wired sound experience, tbh tho I don't notice any different with iPhone via Earstudio or R3 via EarStudio with LDAC on. It's great with both.

    EDIT: Headphones - Sony XBAN3AP.CE7
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2019
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  2. yurt28
    Is it just me or does this player sound thinned out even with "Dark/Details set at 75% it is still rolled off. Another thing where are the filters for this dac? Is the amped Rail to Rail malayasia junk? For $250 they must of focused on everything besides the sound, But dont get me wrong compared to the K2m dac with it's old school analog sound q2m see's dsp much more better than before.
  3. WilliamLeonhart
    Thanks for the clarification. I like the R3's sound but was looking for something even more portable with the same (or better) sound quality.

    Hiby is going to release a Bluetooth receiver soon but I don't know when it's going to be available in my country. Hopefully soon so I can compare it with the EarStudio.
  4. mikp
    Thanks. been using it for some time. Only the font seems big, is this new in 3.0 firmware?
  5. Snoopy112
    The font in original fw is ugly and useless for me (small font is very tiny, but middle font is rather big), so I deided to use new font from XVortex (he created font especially for r3). I use small font in r3 and it’s enough to normal using player. It should be better if I can customize system font size but I didn’t found how to do this...
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  6. mikp
    ok, a little big but better than stock firmware.

    I wish they had search artist or album artist view. Must admit ive looked at the fiio m6, but theres also issues there.
    Main reason for wanting something other is artist search-sorting and stronger bluetooth. (qualcomm bluetooth 5.0)
  7. hungphi93
    I also want to customize all UI of Hiby R3 too!!! Hiby R3 OS based on Linux, does anyone have ideas to mod that?
  8. StevenF19
    What is wrong with the wifi chip in this thing? MQA and even some FLAC files on Tidal are unlistenable because of the constant buffering and skipping. Do I have a faulty unit or did they really pick the worst wifi chip they could find despite advertising this as an internet streaming DAP?
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  9. hungphi93
    Have you tried to upgrade firmware to 3.0? Its contain some fixed about Tidal :)
  10. StevenF19
    Firmware is up to date. It's pretty much impossible to listen to MQA streams without it freezing up. Regular FLAC streams are also extremely hit and miss. Not only does the stream freeze, usually the entire device becomes unresponsive.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  11. emeline
    Is anyone else having error 5003 when trying to play Tidal songs? I currently have the regular subscription and keep getting this error message saying I don't have the required subscription to listen to that sound quality. All songs appear as high-res.
  12. dissembled
    With my balanced Meze 99 Classics, I, with my early impressions of the R3, already prefer its sonical characteristics over Shanling's flagship M5s that I've had for months now and is double the price. :L3000:

    I'm actually quite very surprised at the moment.
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  13. claud W
    Bought my R3 on Amazon this morning. If I want to connect the R3 to my Schiit DAC, I need to purchase that C to RCA coax cord on Amazon, Correct? When connected I can then play HiRez files from R3 to DAC?
    Last question. Can I connect R3 to my car system USB port or do I just need to BT or 3.5 cable connect it?
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  14. dissembled
    My R3 doesn't have these problems. Then again, it is only two days old, so I'll be sure to update my post if this changes.
  15. Tanelorn
    Regarding Mqa on the R3.
    Does anyone have an idea or information about how often the r3 can "unfold" mqa files?
    Is it once, like phones as iPhone, or is ist 2 or 3 times as real hardware decoders?

    I did not find any information about this, even hiby doesn't reply .
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