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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Mr.Hart
    Hi, I'm having problems using Bluetooth to play music on my portable speakers, It did work at the beginning and actually started having trouble around 2.01 firmware although it did work on this firmware.
    Now the audio constantly stutters unless the player is connected to a power source.

    I don't know what to think, I've tried all previous and new firmwares, all Bluetooth quality settings, mp3 and flac and the problem persists. Anybody has any clue or a similar problem? I've contacted Hiby through facebook and they have been trying to figure it out, but it strikes me as odd that no more people is experiencing this issue,maybe the hardware is faulty? It seems like a power routing ¿? issue.
  2. surfgeorge
    Are you aware of the HiBy Bluetooth receiver Kickstarter campaign? I think it started yesterday.
    Not my kind of thing, but might be what you are llooking for.
  3. Nolbert0
    Also, of the currently available DAPs, Shanling M0 appears to be the best BT receiver (from my own experience of owning both) since it supports AAC in BT RX (receive) mode. Might not be relevant to u if u don't use a FruitPhone as I do. Form factor is another... factor?

    It'll be interesting to see how the W5 performs against the also upcoming Shanling UP2 and Fiio BTR3. One of those will become my M0 replacement. BT receiver mode aside, the M0 is actually fairly sub par as a DAP.

    No idea what I'm trying to say here. Lol
  4. crazyeyes
    So I decided to return my R3 and upgrade to a DX150. The main reason behind the decision is I want to be able to use it with more of a variety of headphones, including some full size planars (HE560) and the R3 while it would drive them just didn't seem great at it. So I like the idea of being able to swap out the amp modules. I also like that it is android based and will be able to do Tidal offline for listening in the car. As the R3 was not the greatest using my phone as a wifi hotspot and then connecting to my car via BT (no 3.5mm aux port in my car). So If figured overall the DX150 would be the better overall solution. I will miss the R3 for its small size though. It was a very nice player and had great sound quality.
  5. Omoshai
    Got the R3 and EarStudio in the end (Thanks phucvm8x!)

    For the R3 I want to maximise the wireless upload and wifi connectivity, and be able to have the R3 connect directly to my macbook so I can move music wirelessly without using the URL . Only thing is the URL for uploading doesn't work as an address to connect directly (using 'connect to a server' on mac). Anyone achieved something similar?

    Just like to be able to use mac folder to access the R3 SD card wirelessly, and then see if I can get my music management app (Dapper) to update, without needing to plug it in.
  6. surfgeorge
    For those using my HiBy R3 - Mojo stack 3D printed case, I have uploaded 2 new versions of the transport box design to accomodate USB-C to micro USB cables like the FIIO CL06 or the Shanling L2 cable.
    I lost my Shanling cable and am now using the cheaper FIIO with very good results.


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  7. 1000ROUNDZ
    Y'all go get that case, it's awesome with the Mojo! Thanks again to surfgeorge for this great setup!

  8. WilliamLeonhart
    Whose sound do you prefer, the EarStudio or the R3?
  9. playininjapan
    I have a question regarding Bluetooth pairing. I'm connecting an Anker Soundcore 2 boost mini speaker, and have no sound complaints.
    But when it comes to pairing, unless I completely turn off and restart the R3 nothing shows up under Bluetooth. The Anker has a built in shut down after 10 minutes of non-activity, but sometimes even quicker. This means I must restart the R3 every time, which takes a while and is a problem, as I am also using this setup for lecture and listening practice in class. I am on firmware 3.0. Am I unaware of some setting which enables the R3 to rescan once the Bluetooth connection is lost? Thanks in advance!
  10. poprivet
    This problem was introduced in 3.0. I've mentioned it on the Hiby Facebook page & a few others there said they have the same issue. No response yet. I've gone back to 2.1 for now, as my earbuds drop connection really quickly (a lot less than 10mins), so this issue is particularly infuriating.
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  11. playininjapan
    I'll look into downgrading, thanks!

    Edit: Upon downgrading it appears the problem has been resolved. This should be rectified in a further update, as it had me wondering whether I'd made the right decision. I am satisfied with everything else this player has to offer though.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2019
  12. StevenF19
    Just got mine in the mail. Is there a way to search for an artist in Tidal and display all their albums? Right now it's a pain having to search for the album name specifically.
  13. 1000ROUNDZ
    I second that.
  14. almarti
    Please Tidal offline for 3.1 version
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  15. harpo1
    Anyone's 3.5mm connector loose fitting? Also my 2.5mm is intermittent. I have to hold it to get audio out of both channels.
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