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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Alcarinquei
    But the RF actually only happens when the mojo is stacked with the R3, if they are in parallel, or even with the top of the R3 not touching the mojo, I have never had any problem. No need for longer cable. Streaming DLNA or directly with tidal. Another thing is that the RF comes from the cables and not the mojo itself.
  2. crazyeyes
    I did try that and my car said nothing was connected. Will this only work to playback music on the SD card or should this allow for tidal playback as well?
  3. bengr
    there seems to be some interferences with poly but it seems less pronounced, at least its works with bluetooth on the post you mentioned. It's the least it could do considering the (much too high imo) price of the device. My problem with R3 was not so much with the device itself - although i wanted to warn people about the "mojo-stacking" limitations - but more about the non return policy of the hiby site. None of their products are avaible in my country so i had to order it to try it. That's when the return policy is really usefull imo; hiby apparently thinks different (i even proposed to pay for the return fee...), so I should have digged a little deeper before purchasing and placing my trust in this website. Next time i will have no choice but ordering from amazon or any site with a return policy
  4. ryan00davis
    I just got an R3 and am having issues with playlists. I discovered through the internet how to load m3u playlist_data folder, but I cannot get all my playlists to load.
    I'm wondering if it is a number limit as I have a lot of music (~13k items) and playlists that include thousands of songs. It loads partial playlists, and it always just cuts off partway through, it's not like it's reading some lines and not the others.

    Anybody else having issues like this?
  5. AndySocial
    HibyOS seems to have a problem with some special characters in playlists; maybe that's an issue for you?
  6. ryan00davis
    OK, the majority of my problem was just my own stupidity, i had a capitalization mismatch between the playlist and actual files, windows doesn't care but the R3 does (like all linux based OSes).
    I still have a few files missing from all my playlists, I'm guessing that's the special characters issue you're talking about.
    Is there a list of what special characters they have issues with?
  7. oneula
    looks like the fiio m6 can stream qobuz anyway to do it on the R3?
  8. Micha0815
    Thanks a lot! Really nice changes :metal:
    Also thanks for this.
    I also tried to find that limit, but it didn't come to my mind to look for the decimal numbers. Instead I looked for strings - what was really lame :pensive: and of course didn't lead to a result.

    BTW, I really love the hassle-free adb access :hugging: - it's really a mess to get this for the Shanling M2 - there you can't get this together with a running hiby_player, so I always have to stop the hiby_player and then start the adbd... (at least with my lame knowledge :thinking:).
  9. Snoopy112
    Try IDA or Radare2 to disassemble hiby_player binary file and search value 0x4E20. Limit will be in the first block / function with this value and with several comments # "exception.ini", # "unknow_text", etc.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  10. tunganh46
    I'm going to buy Hiby R3 as a digital source for mojo but the RF problem is setting me back. Can i ask you if i have leather case for both device, will the RF happen ?
  11. Dana Reed
    I don’t think leather is going to block the RF. Just turn off WiFi and Bluetooth on the R3 and you won’t have a problem
    surfgeorge likes this.
  12. crazyeyes
    So I had a few weird issues with my R3 today. This morning I was listening to some music at home with it using Tidal. I was connected to my home WiFi and then I plugged my phone in to a USB C charger I had for my phone and the second I plugged it in the whole interface froze up and wasn't smooth in navigating and the audio started skipping as well. The second I unplugged it from the charger it started operating completely normal. Then on my way to work today I had it connected to the wireless hotspot on my phone and connected via bluetooth in my car and it was working fine and then all of a sudden started skpping again. I had to shut down the R3 and turn it back on again to get it working normally again.
  13. Alcarinquei
    I tried to pack the mojo in an aluminium foil, which supposedly cut radiosignal with not much difference. I don't think the leather case gonna make any difference either, because the RF comes from the cables. In my case, mostly earphone cable. I think you should better try with different cables then with different cases. But again, if you don't directly stack them, there are no problems at all. Just need to be a bit creative with the set up.
    And yes, if you cut wifi and bluetooth, of course, the sound is perfect.
  14. Super Angulon
    My mojo + R3 combo cause a clicking/pop noise when changing tracks by touch button or physical one. The noise is more pronounced with DSD files. The cable I use is Fiio CL-06, USB C to micro B OTG. I'm curious if Hiby USB C to Coax cable cause the same issue.

    Anyone has this issue? Any solutions?
  15. Mudhoney
    Just ordered the r3 and now anxiously waiting and going through this thread. Still lot to read but got one question. Is there anyone out there who is using Roon 1.6 on the r3? This is not really important for me but it would be a nice to have feature when at home.
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