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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. mentega
    Weird. I don't use Tidal but streaming from my NAS using connect, I just click on the album cover and it plays through the album
  2. harpo1
    I using it on my LG V20 and using my R3 as the renderer. If I cast to one of my chromecast audio setups it works fine. So it has to be something between the app and the R3.
  3. mentega
    I have the app installed on my iPhone and cast it to my r3. Like I said no issues.
    Actually the reason I started using connect is that streaming from JRIver would give me the one-song issue, which I resolved with connect.
    Go figure
  4. mentega
    I mean M-connect obvs
  5. harpo1
    I have an iphone SE so I'll have to install it and see if it works on that.
  6. harpo1
    Well it worked on the iPhone SE so I went back to the LG V20 and turned off the gapless playback in the mconnect app and now it plays on it as well. @mentega thanks for the help.
  7. Tenashus1
    Is there some way to not use the volume slider on the R3? Sometimes it just goes rogue, and decides to increase which becomes a sudden mind blowing experience.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
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  8. drbluenewmexico
    Yes, that crazy sudden increase almost blew my head off a few times also. i dont use the slider volume adjustment at all any more because of that. DANGEROUS!!!!!
  9. poprivet
    Been using a 128GB Samsung EVO with no problems. Just bought a 256GB, copied from player onto new card in adaptor. Put the new card in player & update database seemed to hang after 300 or so files (I have 90% FLAC). Card was formatted as exFAT untouched, but tried to wipe & delete partition/reformat just in case. Ended up with a card that is not registering when put directly in anything, although it does show as an unusable drive when put in another device that is connected via USB cable. chdisk doesn't work, nor diskpart, getting "data error (cyclic redundancy check)". Tried a few recovery tools (not concerned about the contents, just want to get an empty card up & running), but looking like it's a goner.
  10. MVVp

    I have set a maximum volume to prevent sudden increase by accident. (Play Settings, Max Volume)
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
  11. Eyupo92
    The new card seems to be fake. Those cards decalre them as high capacity when used through their "special adapter" but actual capacity seems to be less than 8 GB - roughly 300 FLAC files etc; and they are not detected by themselves as they lack a controller of their own.

    I know, because I had also purchased one and had dissected it throughly.

    You can test using a USB test tool by that verifies writes, something like h2wtest or similar. You can search on Google "fake card test" or "fake usb test"

  12. poprivet
    It appeared I'd successfully copied 100GB of files onto it initially, it also showed in AOMEI Partition Assistant as being 256GB, so not sure. Too dead to test now.
  13. phucvm8x
    Recently I have a thought that R3 is overrated DAP :frowning2:
    It's OS still bug, especial sound quality is not good as same price level's DAP (never use DSP or MSEB).
  14. yurt28
    You sure are right on the R3 Dsp Rendering is garbage lool. I regret buying it, hopefully Hiby will add some software effect on their new firmware releases.
  15. bengr
    just wanted to share my personnal experience regarding the R3:
    I bought it directly from the hiby site.
    I thought i could use it to transfer high quality audio wirelessly by Ldac bluetooth to the mojo as some kind of poly replacement. I also ordered the coax cable on the site.
    The thing is, there are way too many interferences between the two device so, as soon as you approach the R3 from the mojo, the sound degrades considerably (olny when wifi or bluetooth is on, otherwise the sound is good). This made the R3 completly useless for me. As far as sdcard reading is concerned, i have my samsung phone with audioplayer pro which does the job perfectly.
    The device itself was a little bit disapointing for me, the sound is miles away from mojo (even from my dragonfly red) and the screen definition is only average. I don't have much experience regarding dap so i don't know how it compares to its rivals.
    I consequently decided to return the product to hiby...but they refused argueing the fault was on the mojo sensitivity to interferences (i wonder why they sell such a small coax cable for the mojo then ...). So for potential buyers, be aware that the hiby site doesn't accept return at all and that was a complete surprise for me as in europe it is a legal obligation.
    I have to sell this thing now i guess...
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