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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Snoopy112
    You’re welcome! :wink: It’s not in my power, I’m afraid(
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
  2. alanchanxd
    i just bought a R3, and I just updated the firmware to the latest version: 2.1.

    The side buttons (that are responsible for skipping tracks) appear to be reversed (i.e., the bottom, side button skips tracks forward; the top, side button skips tracks backward)

    Is this a firmware bug? Or did I receive a mechanically faulty unit?
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  3. mentega
    It isn’t a bug. I think the reasoning is sorta “move up or down a list”
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  4. alanchanxd
    Thank you for your quick reply. Then it seems illogical to me, given that all of the players that i have used before should not be like that.

    Not to mention, the top volume button (on the other side of the R3 player) increases volume, whereas the top track skipping button skips the track backwards.
  5. harpo1
    FiiO does the same thing.
  6. Mouseman
    I can't wait to try the custom FW -- Thanks so much!!!

    Is there any way you could add an option to flip the FF/REW side buttons?
  7. Dana Reed
    I had been considering printing one of the R3 Mojo cases, but I’m finding that attaching them with dual lock 3M strips works pretty well. I may yet get a mojo case to protect it, and apply the strip to the back of the case. But this is much less intrusive to the UI than the rubber bands
  8. Snoopy112
    I can’t add an option, it’s better to ask hiby to do this in Facebook. Theoretically, if you know the codes of these buttons, I can try to change them in binary, but it will take a lot of time...
  9. AndySocial
    It seems to be the norm for Chinese DAPs - they don't think in terms of moving forward=right, but that moving down the list=down. It's as if the user interface of every record player and tape deck and older MP3 player was ignored for a new paradigm.
  10. Nayparm
    Maybe it stems from traditionally Chinese text was read in vertical columns top to bottom and right to left.
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  11. MRobi

    Hi Snoopy112!

    Thank you your work,can modify file limit to 45000 Track?I use 400GB SD card,and have 43000 MP3 file.

  12. Snoopy112
    I've just updated limit to 65000 and it's near max, folks. Same links on previous page, hope it works, I have only 128Gb card.
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  13. harpo1
    For anyone using mconnect can you tell me how to get it to play more than one song? I've tried playing albums, playlist and adding stuff to the queue but it will only play one song and stop. I can hit the next track and it will play but won't go through an album on its own. I using the lite version if that makes a difference.
  14. mentega
    I had the same problem. I found out that if i click play on the album cover, rather than on the first song of the list, it plays the whole album
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  15. harpo1
    Yeah I tried that in Tidal and local files but it didn't work. Shame because I like the app but needing to press next track every time sucks.
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