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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Ocelot 80
    its a dual dac dap better in sound quality than signle dac dap?. this came to my mind because im deciding between HIBY R6 and R3. both use the same dac (ES9028Q2M SABRE) but the R6 has two of them so i was thinkng if there is a real difference in sound quaility o its just the output power.
  2. Jayden16
    Well, I've hit the 20,000 song cap on my R3 and now it's become a real pain to use. I have to use the file browser to locate any new music I put on my R3, which would be fine given my music is tagged and organised very well, but the file browser has no quick scroll (A-Z letters down the right hand side). Along with this, I can't shuffle all of my music, only the music that was on the player before I hit the 20,000 song cap. I think it might be time to look for something else and sell the R3 unfortunately.
  3. nlowran
    Now that the agreement with LG is up can you offline tidal tracks with the R3?
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  4. HungryPanda
    ( I hate tidal!)
  5. harpo1
    What agreement was that?
  6. nlowran
    LG had an agreement with tidal where they exclusively had offline loading rights for msq
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  7. Vampa
    Very interested in that too! R3 would be a killer for me if it can do Tidal offline
  8. nlowran
    Well I ordered one of there's a way I'll find it!
  9. tjcaustin
    Hey, I messaged you with the log
  10. nlowran
    Okay returning. People really use this?
  11. elNan
    Everyday, (practically) all the time. It’s awesome!
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  12. mandert
    Hi, I’m about to order my R3.
    My iPod died and I just want to listen to all my music. The quality of the ripping is not always the best but I just want to listen to my old mp3 music in the car and per airplay/ BT on my marantz hifi. Tried to decide between the r3 and fiio m6 but the better eq and bass won me over to the R3. This is my first DAP.
    Is there any specific SD card do you guys recommend in the R3? Which one is working great? Thanks, Martin
  13. Nolbert0
    The red and grey SanDisk works without any issues. You shouldn't need anything faster for reading audio files. Especially for mp3.
    I've only tried 64GB and 128GB cards.
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  14. mandert
    Thanks so much Nolbert
    Ive got around 300-400gb of music.
    I think I get a 256gb card and go from there.
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  15. yurt28
    Red sandisk cards are the best, iv'e had reading issues with the 64gb version though. I would also stay away from samsung since theirs are locked.
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