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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. b1e1n1ni
    The eq is not activated in the high res and dsd files. Is it a bug or does Hiby consider that these files should not be equalized?
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
  2. surfgeorge
    Regarding connection between R3 and Mojo:

    I have both, the HiBy coax and Shanling micro-USB cable.

    Mechanically/lenghtwise the HiBy cable is perfect, both side by side as well as stacked. The Shanling cable is longer, fine for stacking but side by side there is a gap between the R3 and Mojo

    Soundwise the Shanling cable is not affected by the R3 volume setting, but the HiBy coax is affected
    Both are affected by EQ or MSEB settings.

    I suspect that the Shanling is a little „purer“ in signal transmission. The coax cable with medium volume on the R3 and high volume on Mojo sounded a bit more V-shaped, punchier bass and better separation? But I doubt my initial impressions now, need to go back and check.

    Hope that helps!
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
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  3. Brian Martin
    I'm celebrating small victories. The micro SD card came from amazon, andI upgraded the firmware. I successfully transferred music to the R3 and I bluetoothed it to my AV Denon receiver so it's running through my 20 plus year old Definitive Technologies speakers. No hammers from amyone please for the bluetooth audio!
  4. Wickham
    MSEB works on hi-res files for me. I don’t use the equalizer.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
  5. RojasTKD
    I noticed that the EQ doesn't activate with high res files (24bit 96/192Hz or DSD) on my Shangling M1 or M2s. On my iBasso DX150 EQ works with 24bit files but not DSD.

    I suspect it's some kind of hardware limitation. It might require more processing power to add EQ to those high res files and all the additional information they contain. It's just a hypothesis on my part, and may or may not be valid.
  6. ipplite
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
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  7. nocchi
  8. shamrock134
    Is the R3 the DAP for me?

    For nearly 10 years I've used an iPod Classic 6th gen 120GB and Headstage Arrow amp paired with various bass-orientated IEMs. I eventually settled on UM Merlin CIEMs and have been satisfied for many years. Recently, I borrowed a friend's Cowon Plenue D and was very impressed with the sound by comparison to the iPod and although I felt a bit dirty, I really liked the JetEffect & BBE settings.

    I'm looking at potential upgrades from the iPod and the main criteria I'm looking at are improved SQ relative to the iPod, huge storage capacity and slick UI (the Plenue D was a bit of a step back from the iPod in this regard). The R3 and R6 seem to tick these boxes but for price/performance the R3 seems to stand out at £220 + £160 for a 400GB microsd. The R6 looks great but is considerably more expensive and I have concerns about the pairing with my 12 Ohms @ 1kHz Merlins. The other DAP that catches my eye is the Plenue V as it is surely an improved Plenue D. The main thing against it is the storage caps out at 192GB.

    Any thoughts?

  9. Benz-Fi
    I have the PV and R3, I prefer the R3 because it sounds better to me if only because it's more musical (even dirtier?:ksc75smile:), UI is much better on the R3 and don't get me started on the form factor of the V.

    Haven't used an ipod in about 10 years so can't compare the current gen but sq should be a major improvement regardless of what you end up with.
  10. shamrock134
    Just the kind of insight I'm looking for, thanks!

    The thing that's kept me on an iPod all these years is the storage capacity. Now I can finally store 400GB (or 2TB one day?) on one device it's the right time to upgrade I think!
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  11. Jezda
  12. FridgeMagnet
    Late night session 3am? with the R3 & my Denon AH-D7200:) & a session with an expert on the subject below Einstein’s Theory on Dark Matter:beer:!


    Here's a story about a sinner,
    He used to be a winner who enjoyed a life of prominence and position,
    But the pressures at the office and his socialite engagements,
    And his selfish wife's fanatical ambition,
    It turned him to the booze,
    And he got mixed up with a floosie
    And she led him to a life of indecision.
    The floosie made him spend his dole
    She left him lying on Skid Row
    A drunken lag in some Salvation Army Mission.
    It's such a shame.

    Oh demon alcohol,
    Sad memories I cannot recall,
    Who thought I would say,
    Damn it all and blow it all,
    Oh demon alcohol,
    Memories I cannot recall,
    Who thought I would fall a slave to demon alcohol.
    Sad memories I cannot recall,
    Who thought I would fall a slave to demon alcohol.

    Barley wine, pink gin,
    He'll drink anything,
    Port, pernod or tequila,
    Rum, scotch, vodka on the rocks,
    As long as all his troubles disappeared.
    But he messed up his life, went and beat up his wife,
    And the floosie's gone and found another sucker
    She's gonna turn him on to drink
    She's gonna lead him to the brink
    And when his money's gone,
    She'll leave him in the gutter,
    It's such a shame.

    Oh demon alcohol,
    Sad memories I cannot recall,
    Who thought I would say,
    Damn it all and blow it all,

    Sad memories I cannot recall,
    Who thought I would fall,
    A slave to demon alcohol.

    * Lyrics, Music & Cautionary Tale courtesy of the GR8 Ray & Dave Davies.!

    ... anyhow after almost a week the R3 is sounding quite nice & powerful enough to drive my Denon AH-D7200 are a great combo for long listening sessions out & at home & haven’t even bothered to hook it up to my iFi Nano iDSD yet, so far so good.
    Depending on how loud the recording is I’m listing with at 49, 56 or 69 & that’s plenty loud enough for my ears on all genres of music I listen to esp if I ever feel the need to kick in the Hi Gain which is a nice feature to have.!

    Don’t use Tidal so not an issue for me, haven’t tried the BT yet with my Focal Listen Wireless BT:) So can’t comment on it yet.

    A few software issues but nothing huge so far just some small annoyances that the next/upcoming fw update will address & smooth out.

    So definitely a worthwhile purchase & great bang for the buck.

    So the R3:) will provide a lot of great summer listening & the other 3 seasons as well.! :thumbsup:
  13. Brian Oneal
    Well, I've done some experimenting with the resizing of my library on my SD card and it seems the shuffle problem occurs around the 8000 file mark. Every size i tested under 8000 worked fine. Once i exceeded 8000 , songs with special characters and numbers start repeating multiple times. Seems the player is not able to shuffle libraries of 8000 or more properly. Hope this can be fixed in firmware update.
  14. Benz-Fi
    This evening I'm putting a few favorite hitters against the R3
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  15. FridgeMagnet
    Well, That should be fun.!

    The results should be interesting...

    Here:point_right::beer:you might need some nutrition:)
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