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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. matique
    When it's set to DAC, the r3 becomes a dac when used with a PC. To use a dac with the r3 just plug in the USB coax cable and you're good to go.
  2. abitdeef
    They are all pretty tiny, also I use sound magic ie80, single DD any tiny.
  3. Wickham
    Thank you. My DAC accepts usb A (looks square), coax (looks like RCA) and fiber. I guess I would need a cable from usb c to the square usb.

    How is the output of the usb c port different than the output of the coax port in SPDIF mode?

    Thanks for any clarification you might give.
  4. Franatic
    Interesting! I seem to have better results when using the idsd as the dac with the R3 when that setting is in dac, not usb. Is there a manual of any kind yet? This thing has so many settings and functions a manual would help much.
  5. surfgeorge
    I have been using the HiBy USB-C to 3,5mm coax cable and the Shanling L2 USB-C to Micro-USB cable with the Chord Mojo.
    Both cables work independent from the usb setting in the system menue.
    Both outputs can be modified with the equalizer and MSEB settings.
    Only the 3,5mm coax output is influenced by the volume setting of the R3.
    From that I assume that the USB-C to Micro-USB cable might be the better option for a clean signal to the DAC with DSP switched off in the R3

    Wickham - for you even the included charging cable should work!
  6. FridgeMagnet
    Thx. I think for myself the size is perfect as I don’t think my eyes could deal with the M0 even if it is a great little player.

    There are a few buggy things with the software or user interface that I’ll getvaround to noting soon.
    Not really huge but annoying all the same so they can be added to others lists as it seems a number of people have encountered their own problems, but as I said aside from that the sound is great for myvuse as I had expected, so on that point job well done Hiby.

    Can’t remember if you got yours or not, hope you did & are enjoying itas well...
  7. khojberg
    Finally, mine has been picked up by DHL in Hong Kong. Now it only needs to go to Denmark, but that is probably the easiest part.
  8. sflxn
    @Joe Bloggs I know the reputation of Hiby software in the DAP world so I truly hope you guys survive this drama. People can be very forgiving if their expectations are set properly and given proper communication. If I can provide my own humble opinions on how to handle this next time, I would do the following,

    1. Communicate early about the delay but give yourself some buffer. I can't speak for everyone, but a lot of us backers are past backers of crowd funding. We kinda expect delays. You didn't need to say, "we're waiting on the cases". That rubs people the wrong way. Better to say "due to some manufacturing delays, we're sorry but expect a delay of another month or two. We will stay on top of this and provide future updates." That give you some buffer and leeway. You guys were too specific about the case holding up the shipping and then too specific about when we should expect notification.
    2. Stagger the shipping and let backers know. "This week, we are shipping block #1 for backers # - #". Setting expectations and trying to meet shipment to everyone all at once was really what turned the internet's furor off.
    3. I would have offered those who ordered cases the opportunity to cancel their case orders and receive their units earlier without the case. I would have followed up with a separate campaign for the case.
    4. Ramp up the marketing campaign instead of going big from the start. I would have done a much smaller campaign to test the waters out and figure out the kinks in my manufacturing and shipping process.

    The daily communication on kickstarter and continued communication after the debacle will go a long way to smoothing out people's disappointment. If the quality of this product is good, a lot will be forgiven. For all the drama, this has been one of the better crowd funding campaign I've ever been a part of. Nearly every campaign I have backed have months if not years delay.

    You saw a lot of clamoring mainly because on the surface, this device looks very desirable. It has streaming, speed, and the right size. There's nothing close to the R3 on the market at the moment. It's a very good problem to have. Just learn from the lessons of expectation setting and communication and you guys can grow from this. Other than A&K and Sony, the DAP market has been pretty anemic since Apple left. Companies left and right are giving us 10 year old slow technology without the modern features we expect, like streaming and MQA. A lot of us do appreciate Hiby attempting to disrupt this collusion of mediocrity in the current market. Make the products good and ALL of these early problems will be forgotten in a year or two. There exist a path for a modern day iPod maker to take over the market again.
  9. originalsnuffy
    El stupido question here, so sorry.

    Looks like a screen protector came pre-applied to the back, just had to peel it off.

    It appears the front protector needs to be applied then peeled. Is that correct or is one already applied?
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  10. turkayguner
    My unit came with pre-applied protectors on both sides. Just needed to peel of the cover of the protectors, that was it.
  11. peter1480
    The Fiio CL06 cable works.
  12. originalsnuffy
    The back protector seemed to have been applied. The front protector does not seem to have been applied unless I have a spare one and the part that needs to be peeled was already peeled. So looking for guidance there. I was wondering if the front protector was a spare or of it needs to be applied in my case.

    I am also having a hard time connecting to wifi. My password is correct but I keep getting a "connection failed" message. To be specific, the unit definitely seems the wifi router. The password does contain a special character but I found that in the menus with no problem.

    I put it in the mode where I can see the full password and all is well with the password as entered. I can see all the special characters, upper case characters, lower case, and numbers. I will gladly take advice. I am on firmware 1.09 (updated manually).

    I tried rebooting the router but that did not help. Oh yes, the unit definitely "sees" the router.

    Any advice on both questions is appreciated.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
  13. Ozymand
    Right now I'm dealing with an issue with my R3 in which it refuses to complete a music scan. In either case, the music scan will freeze after a random amount of songs (as early as 200, as late as 3900) with it either hard-locking or soft-locking (volume controls work). In either case, the cancel button does nothing and requires power cycling the device by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. The memory card came out of my Rockbox'ed Sansa ClipZip that worked just fine, so I'm at a loss of what is causing the issue.

    Has anybody else encountered this issue? I'm going to hate to have to iteratively load and re-index 400+ albums to identify the culprit that is causing the R3 to lock up.
  14. Brian Oneal
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  15. Brian Oneal
    Are you shuffling all 1500 at once? Could be possible that list had no special characters. I have 15,000 so have a greater chance of it encountering one. Every file that has kept repeating so far for me has had a special character. If I re-tag to fix, it just finds another file and repeats it over and over. Very frustrating. Hope they are working on a fix.[/QUOTE]
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