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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. rodel808

    Finally it arrives. Initial impressions....
    Compared to my Sabaj DA3 which has a ES9018Q2M, the R3 tonality is on the warmer side. Single ended 3.5mm output sounds lifeless (sounds duller than my Nexus 6p phone). Listening through the balanced 2.5mm output and the music comes alive. The MSEB tone controls are fun to tweak with but it's difficult to fine tune it because of the user interface (UI). Using the slider to set a tone back to 0 proves to be major challenge. May I suggest to implement a "left and right" button to increment and decrement by 1. UI in general is fast and easy to navigate. I wish there was a fast way to go back to the "current playing" screen from any view in the UI. Has enough power to drive my Grado sr325 (single ended) and iems. My most favorite feature of this player is the Hibylink feature and slim form factor. Got this device mainly as a transport for my Chord Mojo and Hugo 2 but haven't tested it yet. Currently liking it and I can see this little guy becoming part of my everyday carry item. Great product.
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  2. Vimtoman
    Try standing really close to your router to hook up. Once linked it should work Ok.
    Had the same issue with mine.
    I found that distance when connecting first time was the issue.
  3. FridgeMagnet
    V, thx but as usual my own stupid fault.!

    Recently upgraded to Unlimited Ultra Hi Speed so as I rarely have occasion to input my password at home I obviously defaulted to old habits of inputting people for old wifi not new hi speed, so after I came back from caf I realized the issue re: ‘My Stupid Brain’ needs resetting.!

    Anyhow it’s working as it should, so far so good but a number of software/user interface bugs exist but the sound with existing music with my 3 high end :) is very satisfying & expect that to exponentially increase with HiRes files I’m going to add sooner than later, so sound wise I’m very happy.!

    Size os great small enough & light enough, grey looks great so aside from the shipping bollocks as expected I’m loving the R3.’

    Plenty of GR8 Craft:cheese:Beer for all those anally intentive complainers that wanted to quash the subject of the BLACK:japanese_ogre:WYCH.! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
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  4. FridgeMagnet
    Hey V, glad yo got to listen to the music from the glass ensemble, very very beautiful esp on :)
  5. Deaj
    I finally have some time to sit and listen to the HiBy R3.

    It's HiBy R3 -> The Black Crowe 'Three Snakes and One Charm' -> LZ-A4's (Black back filter / gunmetal grey front filter) and the results are spectacular!

    Wow - it's time for me to go to bed. I have a busy day coming up (includes driving a 28' Cigarette racing boat at 80 mph - woe is me :D ).

    Happy 4th everyone! :)
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  6. 1TrickPony
    That's what I did b4 posting here. Overall, people are smart enough to stay patient; even better when a fair number of us started encouraging each other to be positive.

    The negative nancy type just gets called out. The dude with fat fingers must've missed your R6 video.

    How does one who nagged for waiting, then continues to nag after getting it because it came as advertised... like wtf?
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
  7. abitdeef
    Glad you got yours fridge.
  8. surfgeorge
    R3 works pretty well as a transport, but there's an interesting thing:
    I am using with with the Cord Mojo, with 2 different cables, the Shaling L2 USB-C to Mirco-USB cable and the HiBy USB-C to 3,5mm coax cable.

    The output with the coax cable is depending on the volume setting of the R3, and even at 100 the Mojo's output volume is lower than with the Shanling L2 cable.
    Mojo output is not influenced by volume setting with the Shanling cable.
    Both cables are affected by Equalizer or MSEB settings.

    I also have the impression that the sound is affected by the cable choice, but I am not sure, and that difference might as well come from the Mojo...
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  9. FridgeMagnet
    Thx, it’s not so much the convoluted journey I was expecting but the end result I was.

    From previous implements of R6 I was expecting similar experience with theR3’ so not surprised too much

    Over all aside from the shipping debacle nightmare the end product itself R3 is an excellent value bang for the buck as we say.!

    So Thank You Hiby for the R3.!!!

    Please Please Please Fix Your Next Campaign.!!!
  10. milesjunkie
    Nice photo.
  11. Tanelorn
    @Joe Bloggs / @fanoble

    My R3s arrived yesterday and I tested both for some time.
    I am good with SQ but there are too many issues to use them for now.. waiting for an updated firmware to be happy to use them again
    This is the outcome, can you answer these please?:

    Issues and questions (only on both devices, the other issues seem to be device specific):
    1. is the GAIN setting real gain? or just pushing up or lowering the output level via software and is the impedance altered between both gain settings?
    2. Will it be included to support embedded lyrics and album arts? or do I need to pull all information into files for my complete library?
    3. can you pleasde fix the issue that the clock resets to its initial timezone then and when, e.g. when entering a menu?
    4. Loading of the artworks takes qbout 2 secs when scrolling down,.. and again when scrolling up. that is disturbing, is there a way to cache or preload them?
    5. I need manual.. I do not know what many items of the options really mean and I do not see an effect on some, when is a manual planned?
    6. up to date players can connect to two devices to play music to them via bt5, eg BT-Speakers. is bluetooth 5 planned?
    7. Wireless LAN can not be connected to WLANs that are not broadcasting SSID, although there is an option to manually insert the SSID and Password..I have secure not broadcasted ssids:frowning2:
    8. During Bluetooth playback you cannot exit the playscreen without disconnecting from bluetooth, so no equalizer MSEB or system settings can be made.. why?
    9. I cannot select the Bluetooth codec to be used, will this be implemented? for some devices this is neccessary.
    10. sporadic freezes in the menu occur for no obvious reason, is this known?
    11. After reboot is starts into bluetooth receiving mode is this works as designed? I would assume it should go into the standard music overview interface. (it started doing this after configuring bluetooth once.
    12. DSD files of 1,2 GB Sample rate 1822.4, 6Channels, Bitrate 16934kbps are not playable. break every 0,5 second.!!!
    13. pressing an option in the settings menu sometimes throws one off to the basic screen.

    Which of these things are being fixed in the next firmware upgrade. and.. you have an idea when it will come?

    Nice to have requests:
    1 can we setup a background wallpaper at some time?

    Good Stuff:
    the playback SQ is really good for this size, I really enjoy it.
    The MSEB is working gorgeous, I am not a fan of Equalizers but.. wow.
    playback is quick and reaction time on the screen is perfect for me.
    edit: I forgot about the display.. the display is gorgeous! no hoghlights, no dark areas, just allover bright and wow :)
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
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  12. MVVp
    Double tapping the slider button brings it back to 0, although i have to admit it isn't always easy to find the right spot, especially with the lowest slider.
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  13. Blazer39
    i also felt the single ended 3.5mm sound kinda boring(or too safe)..but it opens up eventually or maybe i got used to them, another trick i use to make them sound more engaging is to turn on the MSEB on WITHOUT changing any settings..just turn them on, but i don't need that trick everytime and it really depends on the IEM/headphone
  14. Mouseman
    Has anyone figured out AirPlay? I see the icon on the system-wide pull-down, but it doesn't seem to do anything (yes, I have it turned on in the options).
  15. Blazer39
    ok i just tried Grado ige IEM on the single ended and it sounded just fine(actually great for metal:)) , and my first test was with hifiman RE00 which is harder to drive IEM.

    I guess want i wanna say the single ended 3.5mm in R3 is pretty weak and hard to drive IEM would be better through balanced output instead.
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