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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Jayden16
    This is the exact issue I've been having as well. I have a 200GB card with 17,500 songs on it, and have a track (€666 by I Killed The Prom Queen) that just keeps appearing in shuffle mode and takes 5-10 skips to get to a new song, just for it to go back to €666 again afterwards. When I look in 'All', I also see this:

    This song is only actually on my R3 once though. As you can see below, when I click on the song to play it, it highlights all of them which indicates the song is just the one file being displayed multiple times:

    @Joe Bloggs, do you have a method in place for users to report bugs? I'd like to help out and give you and your team as much information as possible to reproduce a couple of bugs that I've come across, like this one.
  2. hpnut
    I would love if a custom firmware could be built for this, like for the Cayin N3 (not just for the backgrounds:wink: The fonts could be a tad bigger/bolder for me.
  3. poprivet
    Exactly! I'd even sent an email to Hiby Service where, as well as asking about gapless being fixed, I mentioned they might want to do something about taking notice of the compilation/various artists option being set in tagging.
  4. mikp
    very same issue I was to post. Shuffle and same song repeats with different numbers.Kept pressing the forward button on the jabra 65t multiple times.

    it hangs on characters in file name, example Ü. This can get very annoying, very soon.

    edit 2:

    Argh--it also hangs on Norwegian characters like øæå.

    No way im going through my entire card to change this
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2018
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  5. Jayden16
    Yes, I have a few files with Norwegian characters too and they were originally the songs that my R3 was getting stuck on. I think they need to add support for more character sets.
  6. Wickham
    Same situation. DHL says they haven’t got it. Wrote to HiBy and got no response. This after their mea culpa and promise to get things moving. Also gray USA.
  7. abitdeef
    303DF5D2-B59C-43FB-A8E4-AAB148D283C0.jpeg 3BE6ADA9-AE57-42AF-8F97-2537E47822F2.jpeg B338D672-77B8-4D0D-9551-1DEC0896955F.jpeg Some size comparison pics. R3 and M0.
  8. AviadT
    Any recommended balanced cable for the LZ-A4 using the R3?
  9. sflxn
    It’s as I speculated. Shipping “info” was received but not physical package. I’ve stopped worrying about it. It’s both Hiby’s and custom’s fault. I’ve resigned myself to waiting till August. I’m not going to participate in another Hiby campaign again, but I’m also not going to stay aggravated over something I have zero power over. Hiby obviously overestimated their ability to get these in backers hands in a timely manner. I’m going to stop looking at the DHL page.
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  10. Deaj
    I'm using this cable for the moment:
    Nothing special but it gets the job done, and for a reasonable price.

    On another note - the HiBy R3 drives my beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro headphone nicely. DT 1990 with the balanced pads + HiBy R3 + Steely Dan's 'The Royal Scam' = :)

    Time to put the R3 away - I have work to do... :frowning2:
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  11. Mouseman
    I was in the same boat as you (grey to US), then all of a sudden I got a text message and next thing I knew, badda-bing, it started moving fast. Hopefully the same happens for you. The shipping has been a total cluster.
    Backer #809 here. Haven't received any notice about shipping yet.
  13. Python002
    Same here. Nothing for 9 days on my black player, then I got a text message Saturday from dhl saying expect delivery Tuesday. I thought yeah right haha. Then Monday I get a text from dhl saying out for delivery. Player looks really nice, but didn't get a chance to play any music yet.
  14. 1TrickPony
    Not too experienced with balanced cables, so my take isn't as richly informative as other balanced cable aficionados.

    I'm currently using the fidue cable. Not too expensive and has a good lock stabilizer. I've also heard of Mee Audio releasing a cable that can do both single ended and balanced by switching input jacks. You might want to look into it.

    I usually buy off of Penon Audio. The store has plenty of cables for sale. I would stay away Dunu cables tho; their cables aren't as reliable in my experience especially for the price tag of 100$ and above.

    The power output via balanced sounded better IME; I'm a big fan of my Alo Rx amp for stacking single ended iems with daps but I'm glad to say that I'm definitely going minimalist with the R3.
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  15. capnjack
    I’d say the same of r3 and b400 combo too.
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