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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. abitdeef
    Did they hear the package ticking or something? :) What’s funny is they banned your dap, but probably let other kinds of “shady” stuff in on a regular basis. Even amazon is getting weird about lithium ion batteries, you know they COULD explode, just like the Yellowstone caldera - cough, cough

    They should of packed your R3 with some weed or coke, that would have made it through no problem. :wink: Oh wait I’m thinking about my country! Ha ha. :frowning2:
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
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  2. superuser1
    Lol I had a good laugh.
    Actually hiby gave different valuation of different paperwork and the customs department want proof of value and charge 50% duty on it! Not acceptable as it just doesn't make sense.
  3. abitdeef
    50% duty, wtf sounds like mafia, not customs. Let’s face it, you could of probably designed and manufactured R4 ‘super edition’ :wink: yourself before your R3 would ever reach you.

    Hiby you are so silly.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
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  4. gawroot
    Thank you !!! I haven't try your solution for the wifi yet but FastStone worked ! I gave up since I tried 1400x1400 and 200x200 pixels, I would never imagine that it only worked with pics in between
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  5. MVVp
    Received mine yesterday. Had to pay almost 44 euro duties and handling to DHL. (Never had this with PostNL.)

    Very impressed with the R3. Looks amazing and all my music was correctly identified (using Joe's string for MP3Tag) and all album art is showing (using Album Art Downloader).

    And the SQ is impressive. I thought my good old Cowon D2 wasn't too bad (it used to be top of the line once), but the difference is striking. Especially combined with the Seeds that I also ordered, I hear things that I have missed all these years.

    About Wi-Fi connection problems: I had trouble connecting the first time but it is probably due to the fact that I pressed the Return symbol on the virtual keyboard after entering my 16 digits pw. The 2nd time I pressed Connect and it worked.
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  6. Deaj
    DHL's estimated delivery date was set for tomorrow but an update came in this morning stating that it was out for delivery. Due to a plumbing failure in the house I ended up being home for the day. I signed for it, put the package aside, and got back to cleaning up the mess.

    I took a few minutes before going to bed to load up a small selection of music and have a listen. Though I've not had enough listening time to comment in detail I can say that I really like what I'm hearing so far. I had a listen with my LZ-A4 IEM's and with my Grado SR325 / Magnum V8 headphone and both sound great with the R3 driving them. I'm copying a lot of music to the 200GB I had set aside for the R3. I may not have much time to listen to music this next couple of days but there will be plenty to listen to when time allows. :)
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  7. surfgeorge
    I find it a little finicky to activate, and with a super long list (All) it lags significantly, but still works.

    How it works for me:
    Go to the List (easiest to practice with shorter list, like Albums or Artists)
    Swipe up to get the list rolling - the A-Z bar appears
    While the items are still scrolling from the swipe, let go, tap the A-Z bar and swipe it slowly, that activates it reliably for me.
    Just touching the A-Z bar does not seem to work.

  8. emrelights1973
    Of course not
    For the R3 price to build quality/features ratio, i've yet to see any competing at that level (except Apple, but their limited storage and format is a big minus)

    Read it again pal...

    Maybe my english maybe is your english i Wrote Sp1000/Utopia vs r3/Utopia

    İ am not comparing two setup but with normal non uber expensive iems and convience r3 is perfect, that was my point
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2018
  9. 1TrickPony
    The R3 makes the LZ-A4 shine using balanced output. Highly recommended.
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  10. falex
    Still waiting for mine... Got a Tracking # a week ago, the status remains unchanged.

    Did anybody in Germany receive their R3? If so, how much customs and taxes did you have to pay?
  11. Blazer39
    i find it easier to navigate in the microsd card (files) menu
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  12. poprivet
    I can't even see the A-Z there, but...THE FILES MENU! I hadn't spotted that, thank you! As someone who has been using Rockbox for the last 5 years or so, that's exactly the view of what's on the player that I wanted & hadn't noticed! Looks like you can even delete stuff from there too, which I was really missing.
  13. Deaj
    I look forward to giving this a listen! :)
  14. Blazer39
    yeah i started actually using the artist menu first however i have some albums with various artists and browsing through that list felt like a mess..also maybe its my imagination but scrolling feels faster in the files menu(perhaps because no art?)...anyway i feel much comfortable browsing the old school way
  15. Benz-Fi
    DHL "shipping info received" for over a week now. No reply from Hiby. DHL says they never got a package from them, only a label was created so can't help me.

    Backer #49, Grey color, USA

    This is fun.. reading about everyone evaluating their players while I stare at a static shipping page :frowning2:
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