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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Tawek
    Great synergy
  2. Tawek
    :) 20190403_091509.jpg
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  3. Tanelorn
    Can anyone recommend a cable to connect the R3 to a Smartphone vis USBC? So USBc to USBC type? I found some from fiio but there are no USB C to USB C cables.. only USBC to Micro USB
  4. masterstroke
    I've just taken delivery of an R3 and am in the process go updating the firmware. Does the current version include all of the previous updates or do I have to install all of them separately first?
  5. masterstroke
    I've just taken delivery of an R3 and for the life of me I cannot access the settings men
    OK! Fixed it. Had initial problems with OTA, but now installing perfectly!
  6. Mouseman
    Each version completely replaces what was there before, so you only have to update to that. The modified firmware (search the thread for the link) is a great upgrade, I highly recommend it.
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  7. masterstroke
    You can get Qobuz? I've just today received mine and updated to 3.0 and there's no sign of Qobuz. I see Tidal, so Qobuz can't be far away. I'm also disappointed that my SACD ISO files are not recognised.
  8. masterstroke
    Wasn't far out saying that Qobuz wouldn't' be far from Tidal. It's embedded into it. Plays well enough with connected headphones, but BT is another matter completely. I've got my SACD ISO's working as well. It was a SD issue. Still having BT issues though.
  9. tronth
    Can anyone share some input with regards to the Fiio M6 vs Hiby R3? i suppose R3 will have better sound and has balanced mode, but lags behind in battery life and display resolution. My doubt comes with regards to UI fluidity and general performance, cause I've heard complains about Fiio M6
  10. peter1480
    Just pre-ordered a R6 Pro so my R3 is up for sale on Ebay UK.
  11. Tanelorn
    No one has an idea on the mqa unfolding?
    @Joe Bloggs, @fanoble do you have more Information on that?
  12. surfgeorge
    There have been quite a few comparisons, did you use the search?
    The R3 screen is actually very good, resolution for this size is totally adequate IMO, we are not watching movies on this little screen anyways and everything is clear, smooth and has good contrast and saturation.
    UI is also adequate IMO - but not perfect. It can be slow and there are some quirks like shuffle not being really random and the abysmal keyboard, reminescent of the old mobile phone keyboards with 3 letters assigned to each key.
    That's acceptable for entering the Wifi password (but still annoying) but totally inadequate for frequent use with Tidal search.
    Aside from that it's a nice little DAP :)
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  13. claud W
    I agree with everything Surfgeorge has posted above. The Biggie though is that the R3 SOUNDS way above its place. That should be the heaviest weighted factor in a decision for purchase. It's sound is so good you want to pair it with a nice cord like my balanced ALO/Campfire Pure Silver Litz. Then it just sings!
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  14. surfgeorge
    That is high praise from someone with such an impressive list of high end equipment!
    I have mostly used it purely as digital source to the Mojo, but gave it a listen and it sounds indeed very clean and clear, with good sparkle in the treble! It doesn't have the liquid smoothness and deeply engaging sound of the Mojo, but it's actually not that far off and VERY enjoyable! I like the treble sparkle :)
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
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  15. mattg3
    I want a DAP that random shuffles all my music.I read the Hiby had issues with random play on all music.Was told it kept playing the same songs over and over. Has this issue been fixed yet with a firmware? The random issue would be a deal breaker for me.
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