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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. emrelights1973
    As owner of sp1000 zx2 r3 and many others before, i agree...

    But sp1000 and Utopia is not same as r3 and Utopia...

    But currently enjoying my r3 with f9 at the beach, fantastic
  2. khyaris
    @Joe Bloggs One thing is really annoying, the clock time that keeps resetting to Beijing Time. Every time you connect to WiFi it resets ......
    Also the loading time of the cover art is really long ... I've got a Samsung Class 10 UHS-I U3.
    Could it be optimized in the next patch ?
  3. goody
    Exactly what i find very minimal sound difference its either warmish sounding or sterile sounding (yuk!!)
  4. crezo
    I thought it might have been that too. I tried about 8 different tips from my other sets that fit well but just still wasnt dping it for me. A reall shame as they were actually some of the most comfortable fitting and stunningly made iems I've had.

    But again for different musical genres they may be fine for other people.
  5. Vimtoman
    Very haunting.
  6. peter1480
    From Kickstarter:

    HiBy R3 Shipping Status update
    [​IMG] For backers only
    Posted by HiBy Music (Creator)

    Dear Backers,

    Firstly, we want to apologize to the backers who haven’t received their R3s yet. We’re so sorry for so much inconvenience all the delayed shipments have caused.

    Secondly, we want to say we have always tried to be completely transparent with you. However, with so many moving parts, information does get scrutinized and we understanding there may be still some misunderstandings roaming around. We want to take this opportunity today to clear up the air about any misunderstandings we’ve seen amongst the backers.

    We want to restate and confirm once again all the units, except for those missing a shipment address, have already been shipped out. We decided to use a shipping agency to fulfill all the orders because we thought they would have more experience and can get it done efficiently. After much communication, we want to state again all the units have been shipped and will be delivered via DHL.

    This is the process of how each product has been shipped. Once we send all the products to the shipping agency, they pack each product and ship them to their Hong Kong warehouse. From there on, they’ll create the DHL labels (tracking numbers) for each order for the next shipping route. When the labels are processed, they will send the products to the DHL HK office to ship out. It take a few days for the products to process the customs clearance and arrived in DHL HK office.

    Recently DHL is under a stricter control for what they classify as sensitive product, which includes items with batteries, powders, liquids, etc due to some explosion incidents that have occured in April and May in Hong Kong. Since R3 (batteries) is considered a sensitive product, they go under a strict examination when all the parcels arrive at the HK DHL.

    Due to all the reasons above, the R3’s shipping time is taking longer than expected. However, we really can’t believer that some backers still have not received their orders yet and quite sorry about the hassle this has caused. This is the first time we’ve ever encountered a situation like this and tried our best to handle it the best we can.

    Please believe us when we say we are doing our best to process and follow each shipment. We’ve greatly appreciate everyone’s patience so far and please wait a few more days for your order to show up. There are a few tracking numbers that have not been updated yet, we’re talking to the shipping agency and DHL to fix the tracking numbers within this week.

    We have so much respect and are so grateful for this opportunity. We understand how frustrated you are as days pass and still no product. However, we sincerely hope you can understand and wait a little bit more. We always try to take full responsibility for our actions and commitments.

    HiBy greatly appreciates all the backers’ support and patience from the bottom of our hearts. We are still doing our best to resolve all the tracking number issues and answer as many backer questions or requests.We will keep you posted for any more updates.

    PS #1:Most of the parcels already arrived in the designated destination, please kindly mail to service@hiby.com if you need any assistance ( shipping document ) for the custom clearance in your side. We will do our best to support you.

    PS #2: For some region, we used other carrier rather than DHL.


    HiBy Music Team
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  7. rosiedog
    I have had the R3 for 1 week now and I have stopped using it. A couple of minor glitches, 1/3 of album art missing, slow to show album art that is available, but I could live with that. I have been listening to a Pono player going on 4 years through balanced cables to Custom Art Fibae 2 custom iem's. They have always sounded great. I also have Heir 3s iems and a pair of older custom iem's from a local builder. None of these iem's sound good on the Hiby. In fact, after 5 minutes or so I have to remove the iem's, the sound is that fatiguing. Now I have not listened to music through a cell phone so I can't say if the Hiby is better than a phone but I can say that is not a quality sounding player to my ears. I wonder if any one else who finally got one of these players has a similar experience. I only listen to 44/16 or higher resolution so streaming is out for my tastes. It's like there is a random frequency that interferes with the playback.
  8. Vimtoman
    Have tried changing the gain setting?
    I had the Hiby R6 which I sold recently and it's well missed.
    The R3 is not going to be in that league but sounds good to me for the price paid.
    Yep the album art is slow. Hopefully they will sort that out.
    Not sure what the random frequencies would be. maybe switch off Wifi and bluetooth and see if that clears the noise.
  9. rosiedog
    I tried all of the above fixes. I don't normally use EQ but even that made no difference. As for 1/3 of the album art missing, well it's all there on my other 2 devices. Maybe it's a dud.
  10. FSTOP
  11. mrmoto050
    Mine was to be delivered tomorrow, I changed it to 07/5 instead .
  12. FSTOP
    Thanks so much! I still like my v20, and am pleased with the sound overall. I do like lots of detail and sparkle, but dont mind some kicking bass either. The P1/v20 combo can be a bit too harsh at times, and i wouldnt mind more bass (although i hate muddy thumpy, love very deep fast impact). Really would still like a dedicated music player, as i also use my phone a lot for calls and work stuff - and would probably be better to get my 25k songs off of it to make it run faster! :wink: The v20 was intended as my stop-gap while waiting on the Pro-X dap though, as i originally also had Note7 as my phone :frowning2:
    So, still considering a player, but as you say, maybe i could wait for the next version.
    My main concerns with R3 would be 1)enough power to drive P1
    2)sound balanced or able to eq to taste
    3)quality of bluetooth
    I also use Bluewave Get with v20, both having aptx HD, so don't want lesser sq--know there is hope for the sony codec, but is that for sure, and also need that for a receiver.
    4)able to sort/play LOTS of files. As i said, i have around 7-10k CDs ripped to flac, plus probably as many albums as mp3 downloads. So hoping at least a 400gb card filled with music can work.
    I dont really stream music. But like all of my card to be able to sort/random play from.
    Thanks again for the help! Really like size, screen, features of r3.. Seems very close to my liking. :wink:
  13. goody
    ..it is not forgiving with mp3 files it just sounds hollow and lacks any depth to the sound ...have you tried Hi-res stuff
  14. rosiedog
    As stated above, I only listen to cd quality or better. No iTunes for me.
  15. gawroot
    Hi guys,

    Backer number 12xx got his R3 in Europe.

    I like it a lot though I do have some issues:
    - non of my album cover works, I tried cover.jpg cover.png folder.jpg and folder.png without any success.
    - the wifi doesn't work neither, tried 2.4 and 5ghz, also different hotspots but it always shows "Connection failed"
    - some lags
    Beside those points it's a hell of a device and I'm very happy.

    Thanks Hiby !
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
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