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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. RojasTKD
    Yeah, that does limit it a bit. Offline mode will be the key for me. Otherwise it becomes less interesting, and one of my old smartphones becomes more viable.
  2. Jezda
    Guys got mine yesterday, after first tracking number which I got on 16.6. got another one on 24.6 and next day the package start to move and came to Europe in two days, then two days custom procedure.
    Since now very pleased with it. Also using it with Mojo, but I get nice performance also with HD800 straight from R3 at low gain - volume 90 out of 100.
    Hope you will get yours soon!
    capnjack likes this.
  3. Jezda
    If you are using coax cable the output is variable and you should set it to 100 with Mojo to play louder. Was surprised when I found out, but have not tried usb, don't have the cable.
    Nice Mojo case
  4. capnjack
    I didn’t contact HiBy at all, I went straight to DHL HK, was v.polite and suggested that it obviously wasn’t there fault but probably someone else in the chain. Then within 4 hrs I had a new tracking# and 2 hrs later a duty charge mssg (£4.49) with delivery due on Tuesday. Hope this helps you out!
  5. FridgeMagnet
    Hey V so you got ur R3, when?
    So thoughts so far?

    After a marathon of viewing my backed up movies on pvr over the last day + woke up this morning & no R3, maybe next week fingers crossed!

    I’ll leave you with this to enjoy on your Sat listening session with ur new toy & the Black:japanese_ogre:Wych...


    :)Every where is freaks and hairies, dykes and fairies
    Tell me where is sanity?
    Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no rich no more
    I'd love to change the world - but I don't know what to do
    So I'll leave it up to you

    Population - keeps on breeding, nation bleeding,
    Still more feeding economy
    Life is funny, skies are sunny, bees make honey
    Who needs money? Monopoly!
    I'd love to change the world - but I don't know what to do
    So I'll leave it up to you... Oh yeah

    World pollution, there's no solution, institution, electrocution
    Just black and white, rich or poor, them and us
    We'll stop the war!
    I'd love to change the world - but I don't know what to do
    So I'll leave it up to you... It's called luck

    Thx 2 TYA...
  6. Vimtoman
  7. Vimtoman
    FM it's coming on the 3rd.
    Had a text from DHL giving me a date and a Tax bill for £3.47 .
    It's good thing it's not ten years after :)
    FridgeMagnet likes this.
  8. FridgeMagnet

    :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile: Excellent V, GR8 to see some people have a sense of humour here.!

    Bummer about the 3.47, hopefully it will arrive a stated, all fingers crossed for now...
  9. FridgeMagnet

    I was listening to their 1970 Live @ the Filmore East powerhouse performance of... ‘I Woke Up This Morning’ .!
    Woah Baby, that was some set.!:microphone::guitar::drum::guitar::point_right::beers:
  10. Vimtoman
    Yeah i have too. Good album. I can hear the chink of glasses. AAAARGH perfect beer fest music
  11. FridgeMagnet
    Yes, :beers:ah those festivals!

    Working on a Way Back Machine when I get my R3 I’ll plug it in & way back I go to those festivals late 60’~ early 70’s

    Did you say you got/we’re getting new:)
  12. mikp
    Anyone able to create playlists from musicbee?

    When set to relative path musicbee list it as \Alice Cooper\Alice Cooper

    the slash makes it not work

    Also found out the time zone goes back to normal after turning off wifi. Just changes to hk time when using the wifi transfer thing
  13. surfgeorge
    Thanks for the information!
    In that case it could also mean that there is some digital signal processing happening in the HiBy before sending out the digital signal...
    I have to say it sounded good at first listen but I need to listen more critically to come to a conclusion.

    Glad you like the case, it was a nice piece of work to desin that in CAD
  14. Vimtoman
    Looking at getting the FH5 . possibly. maybe
  15. FridgeMagnet
    Not familiar with them esp if they are iem or on ear as I’m only using over ear now.

    Who makes them...
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