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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. goody
    lol...i wish it did its still expensive
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  2. Wickham
    Just took a look over at the Facebook Hiby group. People there are equally upset about Hiby's performance with regard to the R3 shipping. The consensus there also is that Hiby simply created shipping labels without actually shipping anything. As actual products do appear to be trickling out to some customers the whole thing has left a bad taste. And Hiby themselves have gone completely silent. What a shame.
  3. abitdeef
    Yep this was the first portable electronics purchase that I’ve made and the unit was bricked. I’ve had some problems before but they were usually solved with a reflashing tool or customer service fixed the issue.

    I could look at it but not use it lol.
  4. Vimtoman
    It is a shame as I guess they have been held up by the companies that are manufacturing the stuff for them.
    They are probably as frustrated at the situation themselves.
    Hiby probably booked all the DHL in anticipation that they where going to receive the units and were let down.
    Thats my guess.
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  5. ipplite
    It is also necessary to do a scrolling of the names of tracks in the new firmware. While in the track-info, P3 can not even show the title of the track, it's a shame.
  6. pranavtripathi
    Guys, anyone here using iOS to connect to Hiby R3 via HibyLink?
    I'm having trouble using the search functionality on the app. It just doesn't show any results. Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated!
  7. grs8
    If something like that happened, why they don't tell us? Open and honest communication are the magic words.

    I've ordered a grey R3 without leathercase and still nothing after 9 days... HiBy ignores every question about shipping.

    That's not how to run a business, except you want to damage your own reputation, well done HiBy.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2018
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  8. JohannLiebert
    Automatic library update doesnt work. I always have to manually update it and it will always take 3-4min. Music stops while updating too. It is a pain.
  9. capnjack
    I was under the impression that the r3 was released first to the Chinese domestic market to help iron out any bugs in the firmware? (I know the Chinese version doesn’t get steaming) Yet this thread seems to indicate that isn’t quite the whole truth!
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  10. matique
    The bugs are mostly minor and mostly related to steaming via tidal. I'm using it without tidal without any major issues. Only gap less isn't perfectly gapless. Otherwise it has been great.
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  11. Vimtoman
    Small business's especially ones that rely on crowd funding have problems controlling the situation.

    I'm funding one at the moment and I thought it was one year but just checked and it's two years now.

    So Hiby is not really a big deal. They are actually quite quick on supplying on their promise.

    Think about the price your getting the item for ,what you are getting for the price.

    It's a good deal.
  12. grs8
    Sorry, but that's not their first campaign, if they can't handle the situation now and don't see the need for proper communication they are in the wrong business.

    They missed the deadline end of May, messed up the shipping, tell the customers all items shipped and nothing happens, ignore questions about shipping/delay.

    They start the same bs like Trinity Audio: all items shipped, than nothing happens, only excuses.

    These crooks of TAE still owe me 130GBP since more than a year.

    Once bitten, ...
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  13. willy.4
    Thank you for using DHL and bringing this matter to our attention.

    Our tracing system indicated that the waybill has been just made in website and printed, but no picked-up status in the system.

    I suggest contacting the shipper to make sure whether the package has been sent or not used the waybill number 570629#77# or not, please.

    In consideration that the parcel was sent from Hong Kong, instead of China mainland, please kindly contact Hong Kong DHL Customer service hotline 852-2400 3388 for further help.

    You can also contact Hong Kong DHL through network: http://www.dhl.com.hk/sc/contact_center/contact_express.html

    Hope above information would be helpful.
    So there we have it folks .... most of us will not be getting the player bought and paid for ..... Probably for another 1,2 weeks ...... Thanks so much for this fantastic experience HiBy..... So FUC##ng happy So this has been this way since the 22 of June What a ****#ng joke.......
  14. Amsterdam
    I just got the R3 today.... And it's sounds Amazing!! Love it!
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  15. mitsu763
    I just got an update from DHL. Should be here 3 July.
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