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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. milesjunkie
    @Joe Bloggs @fanoble i’m patiently waiting for a reply pm from a week ago. When you can. Thanks a heap.
  2. surfgeorge
    That is my 3D printing project :)
    It's a protoype at the moment, but now that I have the R3 I can get to work to finalize it.
    I want to create a combined case, or maybe just glue the R3 case to the back of this one.
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  3. goody
    i need to buy a cheap mojo chord i keep hearing good things about the sound
  4. abitdeef
    Yes what jaden said,it’s working as good as most daps I’ve owned.
  5. abitdeef

    Out of the box the treble is splashy and the stage is somewhat narrow. But after about 60 hours my treble has refined and the stage has opened up. Balanced is even better.
  6. poprivet
    Guess I got spoiled running Rockbox...
  7. Levanter
    Glad my R3 has no defects so far. Lineout to external DAC/amp works, WiFi with Tidal works, Bluetooth to speakers/soundbars works too! Can't wait for LDAC and hopefully spotify to come.
    Only thing left is the 2.5mm balanced port. Don't have a balanced cable to test if that is working lol
  8. goody
    yes i agree balanced was good ..i sold mine now i have a slight tinge of regret to be honest ..lol...Anyway i will buy another sometime soon ...i have an M0 coming soon
  9. bazhin61
    @Joe Bloggs
    Kickstarter backers (46 from Russia especially) want to get R3.
    Our track-numbers no update for a long time.
    On site logistic company we see - "Shipment information received. "
    Typically, this status appears when the track number is only reserved by the seller for sending.
    HiBy Music just reserved number at 4px/singapore post/ DHL etc.
    But really dont send parcels.

    At Facebook in Hiby User Group made 5 post about track-number.
    No comments, HiBy Music just ignored all of it.

    And HiBy Music refuse refund/moneyback when I wrote personal letter on kickstarter.
    Reason- we send parcel.
    However, HiBy Music cannot prove that the parcel was actually sent.
    But track-number isnt prove.

    Any comments?
  10. abitdeef
    I got a purple M0 but it’s DOA, looks really cool though :wink:
  11. emrelights1973
    Finally i am listening my r3, it is gem of a device..... ı have my Fiio pro with me they are just a fine pair, i dont miss my sp1000/encores during my vacation... still thinking that tidal offline would be so nice

    İ will try anything they lunch...

    But please do not use dhl
  12. Vimtoman
    I'm #1010 and have a date of delivery of 3rd July via DHL.
    Tracking number online still shows no sign of movement but just had a phone text saying they will deliver next week.
  13. TomandNemo
    Two things that is quite annoying about my R3:
    1. The time always defaults to Beijing time whenever it connects to Wi-Fi
    2. I always get Tap “Subscribe” to start free trial on certain songs in Tidal. I have a valid log in, I can play most of my playlists I’ve no problem streaming songs, no connection dropouts , but for some reason this always pops up, and only for certain songs and artists. I tried logging out then back in, rebooting, resetting, nothing works. I’m on the latest firmware as well.
  14. matique
    Yeah that tidal pop-up is annoying. Received it on my end too.
  15. cagas
    Happens to me too. Glad im not alone. @Joe Bloggs and Hiby..please take note of this bug.
    My guess would be the connection to tidal server dropped out, so it would revert to "no account" mode, hence the "subscribe" pop up.
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