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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. abitdeef
    Lol yes to help you guys get over the pain of not getting your R3s :wink:
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  2. FridgeMagnet
    What are you suggesting, big hugs & buying each other Xmas gifts :L3000: Ok why not GT brings out the best in us so they say :astonished:
  3. abitdeef
    This thread is so derailed, but no one cares cause most people understandably are peeved.
    FridgeMagnet likes this.
  4. FridgeMagnet
    Man you’re a guy after my own heart, you pretty much ran off a list of many of my favourites & yes the European ones are extremely good as well esp Mankell’s Wallander esp the last few episodes very poignant & sad, excellent writing & acting!
  5. abitdeef
    Lol ok I’ll take a Sony wm1a and a new Range Rover as my gift suggestions
  6. FridgeMagnet
  7. abitdeef
    Swedish Wallander was the best, I can’t drive by a power sub station without thinking of that episode where they blew up the substation for a distraction. Yes the last episodes were really sad. All the European and Norwegian, Swedish actors are so good and look like real people not Hollywood freaks in a crime drama with perfect makeup and hair lol
  8. FridgeMagnet
    Ok I can do that, I just got Amazon Prime + Platinum :laughing: so my credits pretty much unlimited & hey if you don’t like your RR I can send it back :rolling_eyes:

    If you missed Umbre on Acorn WATCH IT.!

    It’s Romanian & man it just knocked me out, one of the best hard hittting dramas I’ve seen in ages, just raw & intense esp the main actor, great stuff!
  9. abitdeef
    I will check it out! They should make a new series called ‘Where’s Joe Bloggs’ I think that would be a big hit !
    FridgeMagnet likes this.
  10. FridgeMagnet
    Man you sound like me when I try & tell my friends & family about how great that tv is,!

    The 1stvyear I got it I watched ALL the dramas & most of the comedies that they had on most 2x some 3 until they changed them, I couldn’t stop I was up til 2 & 3 am every night almost for weeks!

    I watch a lot of those on our local version of PBS here & on PBS many of Ten show here Thur they Sun so I get my full & as you say & it’s unfortunately try most if not all US & ours as well mainstream network programs & storys & acting are crap pathetic & haven’t watched any in over maybe close to 15-20 years.
    Acorn TV is probably the best $69. I spend every year except when I buy myself my own Xmas Gifts haha
  11. FridgeMagnet
    That’s too funny yeah, & the sequel ‘What Did He Do With My R3’!

    I’m sure it would go over really well here at least!

    Ok check this vid out

    It’s the Official Video of Fly Projects song Toca Toca, actually would’ve loved to have been a fly hanging out there!

    So it’s filmed on top of one of the big international hotels in Bucharest I think pretty cool.

    Anyhow I think it’s the 2nd episode of Umbre when the credits are running out they play this music & it drove me crazy for a few days till I found out what it was then found this video...

    I’m heading to Romania on the Red Eye.!!!
  12. superuser1
    With all due respect you are being insensitive to other members and thread readers. @FridgeMagnet
  13. FridgeMagnet
    With all due respect, In what way?
    Not enough Ozric, will have to listen to more of it to be knowledgeable enough to speak to it... jk
  14. superuser1
    In the way that the people who visit this thread are looking for information regarding the R3 and not our mindless banter. Though it would be inhuman to not expect any of it, an excess of it is also undesirable. not joking.
  15. abitdeef

    Yep sorry I get carried away sometimes, and I’m out of it because of lack of sleep. R3 info is also limited to us few lucky ones who’ve received ours. I can say- it’s all that and half a bag of chips.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
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