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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. gemmoglock
    I've tried lrc files and embedding lyrics via Musicbee but I can't get lyrics to display - has anyone got it?

    Playlists still don't work for me either. I can open them from file explorer but it doesn't load up in the Playlists section of the R3.
  2. Vimtoman
    Is that from transferring file via USB? if so try transfering to sd direct.
  3. milesjunkie
    It is either. That is, it happens if I transfer to the card already in the R3 or use a card reader and then insert back into the R3.
  4. peter1480
    No poblems with a 400mb card, are you using a PC or Mac? What is the format of your card exFAT works with out a problem. It would be good if HiBy added to only scan newly added rather than the whole card each time something is added.
  5. gemmoglock
    Is the card functioning normally and files listed correctly if you load it on your computer? It may be a card issue.

    I've redone my library a few times for replaygain and unsuccessful playlist/lyrics, and each time I reload my microSD card, I factory reset the R3 and delete Song List, which works fine.
  6. milesjunkie
    It happens so far with 3 fresh cards of different brands (sandisk, Samsung) which work perfectly as expected in a multitude of other devices (AK70, m2s, N6, M3, R6). It is formatted exfat. It happens whether transferred from windows or Mac. It happens whether music update is set to manual or automatic.

    I am happy for anyone whose file transfer is working flawlessly. I know enough to know that mine isn’t.

    Anyone with the same issue please speak up.
  7. gemmoglock
    This is unusual. If this persists after hard reset (holding power 15s) and factory reset with "Delete Song List" in Settings you should reach out to @Joe Bloggs/@fanoble. Hope things work out!

  8. ipplite
    1. On my R3, the balance of the channels (bluetooth) does not work (option in the settings is inactive) when working with BT headphones. I wonder if it's planned to fix this problem in the next firmware.. My left ear hears worse, so I believe that the function is very necessary. By the way, the channel balance is well implemented in Shanling M0 and Shanling M1.
    2. I can not understand how to view the long track names. Swap and scrolling do not work!
  9. capnjack
    Sadly no you’re not alone #11** still nothing
  10. mykupyku
    after "returned to shipper" I've got email from HiBy to confirm shipping information to ship R3 again, they will send new shipping number.
  11. FridgeMagnet
    Ordered Grey R3 w No Cable, No Case,

    Get Your SH!T Together !!!

  12. Blazer39
    someone finally lost his marbles :laughing:
  13. 1TrickPony
    Does the Poly pair up with other dacs/amps/daps? We're taking about a versatile unit (re: R3)

    That said, I'd keep both if I were in a similar situation, because I too love a good warm timbre.
  14. ffkain
    Backer # 21 Grey with leather case.

    Got shipping email on 20th June, checked the tracking number and all it said was DHL got the shipping request but haven't received the item.

    Checked it again Sunday 24th and it said it has been processed through their facilities and should be delivered Wed or Thursday. Got a call from a colleague today (Monday 25th) on my one day off this week that a package was just delivered to my workplace.

    Just in time before I fly interstate for 2 weeks on Thursday.
  15. surfgeorge
    Nice! Congratulations!

    Let us know how it sounds.
    And regarding the NightOwls - they really need a lot of burn in! Keep that in mind when evaluating them.
    Mine changed a lot after about 30 hours, and kept changing for a while. I think the 150h stated by AudioQuest is on the safe side.

    I'd also be interested in how they compare to the Campfire Comets!
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