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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Squonk12
    Thank you. I am in the same boat as you, no hurry and no reason to get hung up on a single product with so many options out there. (My Bluewave Get will get me by for now) Also, since I will be using my DAP as a transport, the guts aren't as important as the UI, etc...
  2. Franatic
    This is an interesting subject to me. In audio, I find that everything matters, even things you think won't. I would not be surprised if different DAPs would sound marginally different when used as transports. I've only used a Fiio x5ii that way, so I have no comparison yet.

    I intend to use the R3 as a transport with an iFi micro idsd. I have a few DSD256 tracks I will try, along with lots of DSD64 & 128 and also DXD(PCM352). I also plan to use it as a stand alone player......if I ever get it.

    I hope the DLNA will work with Sony MDR-1000X/C headphones. That is how I plan to use it as stand alone DAP. Is anyone using DLNA headphones?

    Will post impressions and findings..........someday.
  3. superuser1
    Id like to pair the both and would like to know the same.
  4. yukiorui
    Additional thoughts having used the R3 and Mojo this morning:

    1. HibyLink as a bluetooth user interface is much better than GoFigure on the Poly. However, Glider's interface is infinitely superior to HibyLink. Little annoyances include not being able to tap on the artiste name in the Now Playing view to see songs under the same artiste.
    2. Might be a bug, but I can't do proper searches on HibyLink, and I can't even find a search bar on the R3 itself.
    3. No drop-outs and stutterings on the R3 is such a relief compared to the Poly. On the Poly, I don't think I have gone through a single listening session without a drop-out or stuttering.
    4. The Poly's warmer tone provides it with a more accurate timbre and realism than the R3. The R3 in comparison sounds analytical and less inviting.

    I'm definitely not interested in keeping both but this is becoming a very difficult decision indeed.
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  5. Brian Oneal
    My status is the same as yours "Shipment information received" since 6/19 and no change. if certain shipments were returned due to labeling errors, shouldn't something be updated by now?
  6. superuser1
    its like a lover treating you with utter disdain.. :wink:
  7. pranavtripathi
    I don't think the R3 has a search functionality built in. The Hiby Music smartphone app should ideally provide the search functionality as it was said by Hiby itself on this forum. I really hope the search functionality works okay because that's the main reason I've bought this player!
    What is the problem you're facing while using the search on Hiby Music smartphone app?
  8. greenkiwi
    I'd really love to see someone do a bitwise comparison. It would be interesting to see if there is an actual difference.
  9. khojberg
    Still no shipment information or any other sign of life from Hiby. Am I the last one?
  10. oneula
    i'm set
  11. yukiorui
    The search function doesn't work on the Hiby Music app - no results appear at all. I've tried multiple keywords, searching song titles, artiste names etc.
  12. pranavtripathi
    This is sad news indeed. Without the search functionality, managing a large music library is kind of difficult. So for now we know that the Bluetooth receiver is not going to utilise the Sabre DAC inside and that the search functionality doesn't work. Sad :frowning2:
  13. milesjunkie
    An idiosyncrasy which you might or might not have experienced.

    When I format a blank card and transfer one file, the R3 scans it fine. If I transfer another file and try to scan, the R3 will not see the new file even though it is on the card.

    I’ve since found that I need to hard reset (hold down the power button for 15 seconds) and then power up. If I then rescan, the R3 will finally recognise the new files in the music directory.

    I’m not sure if this is deliberate. My R6 does not behave this way.

    Are others finding the same behaviour of their R3?
  14. Squonk12
    Ok, we're getting closer to a game changer for me but not quite. BTW, does this DAP have a 'Shuffle All' feature? Now THAT is a game changer for me. I like to use my player as my own personal radio. When a song comes up I don't feel like listening to, I just hit 'Skip'. This is why I am also researching those little bluetooth remotes to use for this very function. Thankfully, they are very inexpensive.
  15. sfigueroab
    Ups, didn't see that quote.

    Yes, it's a Sanpdragon 820 4GB/128GB
    If you're asking for bluetooth compatibility issues, the other 2 phones used to try to connect to the R3, were a Moto X4 and a Meizu MX5 PRO.

    By the way, Hiby itself doesn't know what is happening with my unit.
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