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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    The rationale for using each filter may be as follows:

    Sharp rolloff: your high frequency hearing doesn't go up to the Nyquist frequency (22050Hz in the case of 44.1kHz sample rate) so you choose to use a sharp rolloff filter. This way you get flat response up to the limits of your hearing and no audible ringing (only inaudible ringing at 20000-22050Hz)

    Slow (or super slow) rolloff: your high frequency hearing does go up to and above 20000Hz so much that you do hear ringing at those frequencies; besides, modern pop music is mastered too brightly for your tastes. You kill two birds with one stone, the slow rolloff filter: it makes ringing less noticeable and the highest frequencies less prominent.

    I believe that the choice only applies in the case of 44.1kHz or 48kHz playback and there's no reason not to use a slow rolloff filter (that starts at higher ultrasonic frequencies instead of 20kHz) for hi-res content, to eliminate ringing and preserve FR across the audible spectrum at the same time.
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  2. idkk408
    @Joe Bloggs

    There are a couple of reports (in HiBy User Group on Facebook) of issues with Tidal playback -- "Playback Failed" error pops up when trying to play any track. Is this a known issue? Any fixes or workarounds?
  3. Deaj
    Thanks Joe! I hadn't given this option much thought after my first read on the R3. Your explanation makes this feature easy to understand.
  4. gemmoglock
    Nice, did you have to install windows/mac drivers separately?
  5. gemmoglock
    Thanks @Joe Bloggs! :)
  6. tekkster
    I didnt test on my windows 10 machine since i use that for work only. On my mac, i didn’t need any drivers, just connected like i do a mojo, did the one click settings thing and it just started working.
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  7. tekkster
    Is there an easy way to use a Mac to create playlists on the R3?

    So far, the only playlists that seem to work using import are the playlists that have no directory path, in other words, they seem to need to be in the same folder as the music itself. I use a directory hierarchy similar to iTunes, with artists first, than albums, then songs, so all my music is nested in folders of some kind.

    It's not super hard to create playlists in R3 or R6, but it is time consuming with the small screen. It would be awfully convenient if I could use the Mac to create playlists.

    I learned recently that you can use Cantata on Mac to create playlists for MojoPoly, and wondering if there's a similar method for R3/R6.
  8. Photoman
    Can you edit and name Playlist in the R3 system?
  9. tekkster
    I can create, name, (also rename), and modify playlists right on the r3.

    It's cumbersome though, which is why I would prefer to edit playlists on the Mac if possible. Cantata just creates the playlists for me. The Poly can also read any playlists I create manually.

    R3 has an m3u import feature, but it doesn't read the playlists I've created (unless the playlist m3u file happens to be in the same folder as the music). I know how to open m3u playlists in a text editor, but there are few different ways the text files format, like requiring headers, or not, adding bits of detail or not. In either case, editing m3u files in a text editor is even more cumbersome than creating and modifying playlists right on the r3, so that'd be a step backwards.

    This whole DAP playlist editing thing has been a bit irritating, whether for the n5ii, the poly, the r3, or the r6. In 15 years of creating hundreds of playlists in apple itunes, and later in swinsian has made me tired just thinking about trying to recreate them for the r3 and r6. Really hoping there's an easy way.

    Better yet, if Hiby could release a firmware that can read the m3u playlists I already have (including the directory information), that would be a godsend. Conversely, if there was a way to turn the r3 or r6 into a dlna server, then I could access it via cantata and edit them there. Either would be good. The all time best holy grail would be if I could sync playlists with Swinsian. That's asking a lot, but I would be forever greatful as it would prevent the need to recreate them, and changing playlists in Swinsian would automatically update playlists in the DAPs. How heavenly would that be.
  10. gemmoglock
    I'm not familiar for Mac but there should be a program that helps you rewrite the playlists into one that does not need the playlists to be the same folder. It is a syntax change for the beginning of every line when defining the file path.

    Seems like Windows is reversed then - I think USB DAC needs me to install a driver but playlists are easy to manage. I use Musicbee and let it encode m3u to be "relative file paths", and it has worked on a variety of non-Android DAPs I used as well as Hiby's phone app. Will see if the playlist works after I pick up my R3.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2018
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  11. JohannLiebert
    Looking to buy a Hiby R3 if anyone has a spare one.
  12. almarti
    Fingers crossed
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  13. FridgeMagnet

  14. FridgeMagnet
    Yes I’m with you on that one as well.!
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  15. G_T_J
    This morning I received my r3, one day earlier from what tracking initially mentioned.

    So far I am impressed by the looks and sound.

    I have not found a way to connect to dlna/Lan. Am I missng something? I have enabled the dlna option but can't see where I can connect in practice. Anyone?
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