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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO expected late October.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Bio-Rhythm
    Ha! nothing wrong with a little sarcasm :). Though it's easy to miss those subtle nuisance's on a internet forum. You should of provided a wink MRobi :wink:. Though I don't know how culturally universal a :wink: = joking/ tongue in cheek/ not really being serious , is.
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  2. Bio-Rhythm
    lol . No really!. Once it was explained to me that you were playing with sarcasim I laughed. Context is everything :).
  3. Hi-Fi'er
    Will any Type-C OTG cable work with the R3 for audio out? If not which one does?

    Thank you.
  4. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Any OTG adapter plugging into the R3 and providing a regular USB port on the other end should work.
    otg1.jpg otg2.jpg

    If it's an OTG cable connecting the R3 to the next device directly, it is best if the Type C end is clearly labelled or documented as the Host end--although for most such cables the type C end should be the host end.
  5. Hi-Fi'er
    Thank you again!
  6. Bio-Rhythm
    I received an email from Hiby ( polite customer service) and Hiby say "we still haven't got permission yet" regarding having the Qobuz off-line library feature in R3. I'm not informed about the legal issues that any particular DAP manufacturer has to have to use the Qobuz app. Maybe (speculating here) any DAP that wants to use the Qobuz offline library and has it's own modified android firmware, has to show that their software setup doesn't give users the ability to simply import and copy Qobuz music to another device (naughty naughty! ,very naughty!. The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode . )

    Old school music that's outdated for my tastes (though wasn't when I first heard it way back when). But some of the Shamen's electronic music is still contemporary. And some of their lyrics are in fairy land. The following track "we have to heal the separation"could be interpreted ( with a little ignoring the odd belief bits) as healing the separation that has occurred within humanity from it's natural roots which is causing a ecological collapse (i.e. Pleistocene psychologies with many maladations such as violence and irrational fears) .

    Contemporary electronica

    The Qobuz offline feature is a subscription service, the users pay a monthly fee to import any music track into the offline library. But you can only listen to this offline music within the Qobuz app and it's implemented in such a way that users can't simply copy the offline music onto another device. e.g. Or many user would import and copy a lot of music over a months Qobuz subscription and then end the subscription after the months free trial period.e.g. That would not be a sustainable economic model as music streaming service cost money to run.

    I'm a Qobuz Fan. Streaming service's that have a offline library feature are a game changer (unlike tidal which currently is not.e.g. As far as I've read Tidal don't permit offline music with DAP's) provided it's funded sustainably (inc artist revenue). For example, people are used to media on demand, Netflix, Youtube etc that they can also watch later. Music on demand with the freedom to listen to what you want where you want (off-line) is a must if the music industry is to compete. I hope Hiby finds a way to implement a feature rich Qobuz app. Because then I think the Hiby R3 form factor, compact yet 100% a high res portable music player will be a player that helps the listeners hear the music the way it can be heard, with a sense of/for freedom :).
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
  7. Bio-Rhythm
    Intro: Overall a very nice compact audio player. But, listenning to music with the Hiby R3 on the Qobuz app is comparably a frustrating user experience.

    I've been using the Hiby R3 for a few days now. I will leave a little, hopefully constructive feedback, ( as in that the Devs may/or may not improve things). There are many reviews about the Hiby R3's good build quality, high sound quality and Ok standard firmware. All of which are satisfactory for listening, saving SD card music to playlists, Bluetooth etc .

    I'm going to focus more specifically on the Hiby R3's when using the Qobuz streaming service as that’s why I bought it. I also use the Qobuz app with a mobile phone and a PC so I will compare the Hiby R3 >> Qobuz app features (or lack of) to these devices. As mentioned in other posts the Qobuz app in Hiby hasn't the offline library feature.

    To get the Qobuz app working on the Hiby I first updated the firmware to the latest version. The Hiby as a Auto Wifi update feature and this worked flawlessly. Then I was able to double tap the Tidal icon at the top of the players screen and instead sign into the Qobuz streaming service.

    Compared to Qobuz on my LG G5 phone, the Qobuz app in Hiby is limited and some key functions do not work. E.g. There is the "Discover " menu for new Qobuz playlists which is a good Qobuz feature and there is the search by name/title etc. But there isn't the search by Genre on the Hiby. When I do have a Qobuz track streaming on the Hiby it's a rather frustrating experience. E.g. On the now playing window there is the options to add to a playlist. But when I click "add to playlist" all that comes up is a blank screen with an "add to playlist" blue tab at the top of the window. On my phone (also works on a PC & the Activo CT10), clicking "add to playlist" brings up a window that shows all the users Qobuz playlists and the ability to create a new playlist. Also a very nice feature of the standard Qobuz app is the ability to " view the Album" or "view the artist" which in the latter case shows all the music that Artist has on Qobuz. However, when I click "view album" on the Hiby R3 I get a "File format not supported" message.

    So all in, I can stream Qobuz music ok on the Hiby R3.But the search/discover music feature is restrictive & I have no way to save any Qobuz track to a user playlist.

    So, another "hope this DAP's" developers are committed to making the Hiby R3 the player it could be. Though if your just wanting a small, High quality audio player then the Hiby should not disappoint (Just what I thought about the Activo CT10) . If your wanting a good Qobuz Wifi streaming device it will disappoint (as does the Activo CT10 due to bugs). I haven't used the Tidal service so I can't comment on it's functionality on the Hiby R3. Though I don’t usually hold onto a DAP hoping that bugs will get fixed as experience has taught me they may not. I am going to hold onto the Hiby R3 for a while, due to it’s small compact form factor and comparably good Audio quality. Whilst there are a myriad of streaming services available, I think if a player such as the Hiby R3 just concentrates on getting a few apps up to an “Android phone level of user experience” then they will have hit on a market niche for people whom want high quality portable audio with the added convenience of streaming and importing that music for offline playback.

    Addition: One point I didn't mention is player response to user inputs. At the monent the Activo CT10 wins here. As it's a snappy responsive system, including whilst using the Qobuz app. Whilst the Hiby does get stuck (hard restart needed) on occasion & has lag issues whilst using the Qobuz app.
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
  8. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Thank you for your feedback. I believe there's a reasonable chance that the two major issues you pointed to (adding to playlists and viewing album of now playing) may be solved in a month or two. :sweat_smile:
  9. jazzaj
    Hello all.
    I'm very interest on the R3 but I read on some reviews that the output impedance (a well know problem on the R6) can cause some problem with low impedance iems.
    My favorite one is my brand new Tin audio t3 and it's only 25 ohms.
    Does some of you had listen to the R3 with Tin audio iems? Do they noticed some brilliance, sharp sound?
  10. Mouseman
    I don't have the t3s, but I have the t2s and have had no issues at all with the R3 (or any other IEMs that I use it with). The R6 is a much different creature in terms of impedance, if I remember what I've read correctly.
  11. jazzaj
    Ok. Good to hear :L3000:
  12. dissembled
    @Joe Bloggs

    I've updated to the latest custom firmware last night and I haven't experienced the no sound issue as of yet. The device still skips to a new song sometimes when connecting new headphones, though.

    I'll keep you posted.

    Oh, and before I forget: please, pleaaase add a recently added list to the player as well. I add new songs to the player almost weekly, so listening to newer songs would be a godsend!
  13. MasterJack
    I'm loving my R3 so far - I have never had a small DAP, and this one is a pleasure to use. I'm thinking of picking up some Senfer DT6 iem's to try, although I'm a little leery of buying something from Aliexpress. Can any of you please let me know if the R3 can drive the DT6's easily using the single-ended output? I'm used to using a 16 ohm iem (RHA MA750), that is easy for the R3 to drive, so I'm a little concerned about having to crank the volume way up or getting balanced cables to hear the qualities of the DT6. Thanks for the help.
  14. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    I think these should still be plenty sensitive enough, 32 ohms is still a low impedance and 110dB sensitivity (although no unit stated) sounds like a high number.
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  15. HungryPanda
    I was listening to the DT6 with my R3 yesterday and it sounded great
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