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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO expected late October.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Micha0815
    Does anybody here use the R3 with any so called "Bluetooth Media Button"?
    I mean a something like this https://www.amazon.com/Satechi-Blue...emote+control&qid=1556277718&s=gateway&sr=8-4

    I tested some but none did work with the R3...

    EDIT: I think the Fiio RM1 could work (had one in the past, but lost it) - but it's a bit expensive for an old BT3.0 device without low energy profile support (and it's currently difficult to get) - so a new "button" should IMHO at least support BT4LE...
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2019
  2. Mouseman
    I used to have one of those, I can't count how many times I misplaced it. I ended up putting it on the steering wheel and leaving it there until the battery went dead.
  3. Scarpad
    hmm what would a use case be for that ?
  4. Mouseman
    I think it's been a feature present since the start of MP3s and I think the iPod had it. But unless you're playing music for a party, you're right -- I'm not sure I see a real use. I've never used it.
  5. mattg3
    Crossfade is great when you are random playing your collection. Hearing one song fade out into another starting can be a lot of fun and something I loved on my old Apple iPod Nano
  6. poprivet
    Lots of people use players at public events/public places, where they want each track mixed into the next for a continuous soundtrack. Been in numerous bars & dining establishments where the music is from someone's player. Likewise parties & get-togethers.
  7. Nolbert0
    @Joe Bloggs Big thanks. Now i can finally pronounce this player without a question mark every time
  8. MasterJack
    Received my R3 and easily updated the firmware, but when I tried to use my MediaMonkey software to load 23GB of music on a 64GB card, I got the message from MediaMonkey that there was not sufficient space on the card. I am assuming something went wrong with formatting the card (Exfat) in Windows 10. Am I better off trying FAT32 formatting and avoiding Windows 10 formatting tool?

    Edit a while later: I reformatted the card using the default partition size option in Windows 10 rather than selecting another option from the list, and everything synced perfectly. Lesson learned.

    The R3 is a great size and shape for use on-the-go. I like the menus and interface - now I will be able to find out what it sounds like. I will definitely consider loading the custom firmware (thanks very much for providing the link), after making sure everything works OK with this unit.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  9. Vimtoman
    @Joe Bloggs swipe back working now?
    I will try to find out what combo makes it not work.
  10. mikp
    what was the swipe back issue again?
  11. Judge Buff
    After a few days of fighting a respiratory virus and laying around looking at new DAPs while flying on NyQuil, I narrowed it down to the R3 and Shanling’s new M2x.

    My circadian clock being really fubar found me awake at 3am this am, and fried again on NyQuil. I was cognizant enough of an R3 deal with 20% off on an open box, though. So, I pulled the trigger.

    No Budget-Fi guy can pass up 20% off on a dap that has smart owners writing firmware for it... And it isn’t even RockBox! Today, I can count steps and listen to the radio! This time next week, we might be part of the SETI network!

    Edit: Make that one smart owner... @Snoopy112
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
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  12. dissembled
    @Joe Bloggs

    I'm experiencing some issues with the official, latest firmware that I haven't experienced with version 2.1 that came stock on my R3. I switched to my Vmoda M80s after using the Meze Classics and there was no sound at all, even after pressing play. So I tried reinserting the Vmodas again but same issue. The song also automatically switched to a new track after inserting the new headphones with no input on my part whatsoever. Some weird behavior.

    I'd also like to request a couple of things for future firmware to improve the overall experience.

    - A menu item which lists every song by that artist after pressing the 3 dots in the Now Playing screen. Currently, it's by album only.

    - A search function in the Favorites/Playlists screen like the one found in the right side (listing all the letters) of the All Songs/Artists/Album menus. Right now, selecting a song you'd like to play in the Favorites/Playlists menus is next to impossible.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
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  13. Scarpad
    yes except it doesnt do that it just fades the end but doesnt cross it with the other
  14. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    These are both corded earphones with inline remote controls?
  15. SteveOliver
    Just an observation.

    I've been exploiting a great feature of the Hiby R3. That is when playing music, specifically MQA encoded, over USB to an iFi xDSD. I found that dropping the volume by 1% from 100% where the the xDSD fully unfolds MQA (purple light on xDSD) to 99% where it doesn't (green light on xDSD)

    Quick swapping between these two volume levels I can hear a difference between purple and green, or first unfold vs full unfold, mainly with the cymbal sounds. To me with 100% volume the sound is more airy, more depth. Listening to the MQA version of David Bowie's Soul Love its obvious to a point where I do believe I could differentiate the difference blind.
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