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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO expected late October.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. dimmockg
    hi all

    literally about to pull the trigger on the R3 having watched the youtube how to's, before i do, any feedback on...

    Gapless works perfectly
    Bi Directional Bluetooth is fine

    Nice to have's....

    Can this now access and stream from a nas?

    Can you browse by album art?

    Assume hiby link works ok?

    Any current FW bugs? i did see a while back on v2 i think that the first millisecond of tracks was missing? - has this been fixed

    Also, currently be paired with it01's, but looking at getting bgvp dmg - good combo?
  2. harry501501
    Have the chance of the Cayin N3 nearly half price, but i like the modern look of the R3. On a strictly sound basis it sounds like the R3 has a FIIO-esque thick bodied, smooth sound and the N3 a thinner and possibly more detailed sound? Would i be right in saying that? I'm going by the comparisons I've read here and elsewhere.

    I'm after the best sound. I like treble with good snap and an airier feel and thinner bass that is quicker than thick or heavy.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  3. surfgeorge
    I have both, and did some comparisons.
    Honestly I like the Cayin N3 sound better, it is more natural IMHO.
    For me the R3 sounds impressive at first, clear and bold, but I quickly get a feeling of digital processing which I don't enjoy much.
    I like to explain it with photo processing, the Cayin has a natural appearance, makes me think of a classic B&W image, with detail and fine gradations, but with some grain visible.
    The R3 makes me think of a slightly HDR processed image, with more contrast, slightly oversaturated and over sharpened and smoothed to remove grain.

    In some way your description goes into a similar direction, and it's up to you what you prefer.

    But in terms of user interface and build quality the R3 is in a different class.
    In the end I use the R3 paired with a Chord Mojo, which sounds much better than either the R3 or N3.

    As a budget offering the N3 is really nice, but UI is annoying. The HiBy App works as a workaround though.
    If the R3 would have a "natural" setting it would be really great for me, but even without that it's a very nice DAP!
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  4. Raketen
    I haven't heard N3, but would say R3, has a little bit of brittle treble/detail sound, though full bodied otherwise (so not "cool" per se)- also personally wouldn't recommend R3 if you inted to use the single end headphone primarily, IMO sub-par even to some phones or budget dap like Fiio M3. From the balanced out it has type of performance I would expect for the price, and otherwise very fine fully featured DAP for the price and size. For sound, esp since I value SE output, personally I think I might prefer the A55 I just got, but haven't spent enough time to be sure yet (or if I were just prioritizing sound and didn't need the extra function, polished ui, better battery life and small size of those daps an opus1 for $250 even better)
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
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  5. jirams
    Can someone tell me what selecting Standby in Settings does for the R3?

    Have worked it out - getting slow in my old age.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018
  6. Tanelorn
    What does it do? I have the same issue
  7. jirams
    If Standby Off then R3 will power down after selected idle time. If Standby On then R3 will stay on in standby mode after idle time.
  8. Tanelorn
    Well... Okay kind of obvious.. But I never tried this to set r3 into standby. Thanks!
  9. jirams
    You are welcome
  10. jirams
    Hiby R3 is a superb state of the art device but why oh why does it not have the ability to sort on Composer as well as Artist etc etc?

    Even Sony now provide this sort category on the A45 Walkman.

    Please Hiby - PLEASE - make an old man happy this Christmas.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2018
  11. dimmockg
    Hi all, I picked one of these up but have encountered a couple of minor problems (one resolved)

    1st - card with music already on simply didn't work and it seems the R3 may have borked the card as my pc wont recognise it at all now. Anyways, updated the firmware and used a different card and all seems fine....

    2nd - started re-loading music files on the new SD card and have copied on 955 files, but the R3 only scans 768 tracks. I've not had a chance to look compare the music in R3 Vs my music folder, however I would be shocked if this is down to tagging as I'm pretty meticulous with that. Other than comparing the library in the R3 Vs what is on my pc to try and find offending files does anybody have any other ideas??

    *Edit* and gapless isn't working perfectly either.

    Shame as it's perfectly sized, good features but doesn't suit my needs

    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
  12. crashtest33
    Make sure you format the cards in Fat32, 4096 UAS


    Try that and see
  13. dimmockg
    thanks, the card seems to be ok (i think) i'll check files vs tracks later, but my biggest issue is the gapless function not working as it does on other daps i have owned

    on some mixed albums (which have been ripped to 320kbps back in the day) there is a tiny millisecond gap - i have two options, re-rip to flac, or dump the MP3 files and just load up with the flac files from my NAS
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  14. HungryPanda
    Go into play settings and turn on gapless playback
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  15. dimmockg
    thanks - already done that, the issue seems to be with the mp3 files - trouble is i'd be loathed to rip again and most were ripped to a nas then sold/given away - so i don't have the originals

    i could probably "live" with it but when you notice something, you start looking out for it (i do anyway). A lot was ripped to FLAC (which seems to pose no problem) so i'll just load up with FLAC files i reckon
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