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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO expected late October.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. nanaholic
    I've figured the whole thing out.

    1) Create a playlist on the R3 (don't create an empty one, put in a couple of songs in there just in case)
    2) Tap the down arrow on the right hand side of the new playlist you created and then select "Save playlist"
    3) A pop up should come up asking you what format to save the playlist as (it should say .m3u), tap on .m3u and a new pop up will say "playlist saved"
    4) now mount the R3 on your PC, the playlist_data folder should now be created at the root level by the system, now you can copy m3u playlist into the folder and the R3 should pick them up when you tap the "Load playlist" option

    Manually creating a playlist_data folder DOESN'T work, it seems that only creating a playlist AND saving it on the R3 will trigger a flag in the OS to let it know that the playlist_data folder exists and then can start scanning that folder and import playlists. Also make sure the m3u filepath are using relative filepath.

    (I can't believe how many reviews - even the reputable ones - never touched upon how terrible the m3u playlist situation was in the firmware. Makes me lose respect and to doubt their testing method now regarding DAP UI).
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
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  2. Vimtoman
    Thanks for that. Waiting for the wifi update. Will check this out.

    I think most of us find little issues in a DAP the further we use it.
    Reviewers tend to hone onto the sound side of the unit. Forget things like Wifi and bluetooth distance reliability etc.

    Playlist though is an obvious one to miss out. they all seem to miss it?
  3. AndySocial
    It seems using externally-generated playlists is not a priority of any audiophile-centric reviewer. Playlist and audiobook/podcast support used to be a common thing to look for in an MP3 player, but the transition to DAP-land moved the goalposts to audio quality over any other features, for many.
  4. mikp
    Thanks, external playlist loads and works, I did create it with mp3tag.

    So both a:\ and
    .. \
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  5. david8613
    I need some experts advice how does the hiby r3 compare to the pioneer xdp 02u, what are the pros and cons of each device?
  6. Vimtoman
    I found that all our comments on issues with the R3 were lost in the thread and unknown whether Hiby were taking note or rectifying. So started this list to keep up to date when Hiby does come back to the thread.

    Additions by various members

    1. Option to turn off Top and bottom swipe features
    2. When resuming to last track played from shutdown,Swiping back goes to that particular songs album list rather than the root of all files list.
    3. When choosing a track to play to go to the full play screen rather than stay in the list.
    4. LDAC
    5. fix characters for åø樨 etc created with external playlist
    6. upload folder on wifi
    7. Quick search in playlist. General search function?
    8. Resume from previous song/position after shutdown/charging. Buggy in shutdown/charging cycle.
    9. Ability to delete folders in the files menu whose name contains an apostrophe
    10. normal keyboard if possible. i used to have a kickstarter Omate smartwatch with a tiny 1.x' display with a full qwerty keyboard, this is far bigger and a full keyboard can be easily added.
    11. Make the second menu bar (All-Files-Abums-Artists-Genres) 50% wider to make it easier to hit, also the list symbol (after opening "Genres")
    I keep having difficulties touching those menu items
    12. Add a "neutral" digital signal processing option
    13. Shuffle doesn't seem to be fixed on my unit yet, it sometimes keeps playing some songs much more often than others
    14. Album-Artist view
    15. Proper Manual.
    16. mini samba server .If pos.
    17. Back button hard to activate. Interfered with by drop down . See #1
    18. Embedded Lyrics to show. Info on how?
    19.Odd stuttering when track list moved
    20.Option to flip FWD REV buttons.
    21. Option to deactivate on screen volume control. Hiby has three options to control Volume which really is too much.Buttons ,GUI and swipe up.
    22. Sort out Hiby link crashing.
    23. A quick toggle to enable and disable MSEB, or an option added to the context menu on the now playing screen (there is already one for the normal equalizer).
    24. A 'View Artist' option in the context menu on the now playing screen.
    25. The ability to start a radio station from an artist or track in Tidal, like is available on the platform natively.
    25. Audio book podcast facility
    26.Shuffle mode to have resume track position.
    27. Option to have auto start track on powerup.
    28. Timer setting saved.

    Had a reply from JOE and he has mentioned that the list is being looked at as we speak.
    Being a long list :) they may not reply to it in full etc.
    It sounds positive and I think that some items will be struck of it.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
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  7. mikp
    Øæå etc characters work fine if I load playlist (new in 1.12). If I go to file view and load playlist, those characters become Chinese.
  8. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Dear all,

    Long time no see :sweat_smile:

    In the role of product support, I was quite overwhelmed by the volume of support questions regarding the R3 and R6 hitting us via email, facebook pm, my pm inbox, etc. etc. Of course, we did put quite the PR push to selling these things and we did have a problem hiring more appropriate staff for answering these questions (almost everyone was either a Chinese programmer or Chinese music tech guy or an English translator for an accounting firm or something...), so me getting overwhelmed was more an indication of good sales and a staffing crush than any innate quality problem.

    These last few months, I was either worried sick about not answering these inquiries in time or just... sick? I just wasn't very productive at all. So I'd handed in my resignation at the beginning of this month. Since then I have been of two minds about it, however. The helpdesk staff shortage has been remedied in short order (we'll staff the seats with Chinese accounting firm secretaries if we have to...:face_palm: j/k, they actually got some decent staff in the nick of time :sweat_smile:) since I announced my resignation, while it seems the company could still use someone who represents them by writing public announcements instead of one-on-one questions. Well, I'm not announcing a decision to reverse my resignation decision here and of course it would be up to the company to accept such even if I decide on such. Just letting you guys pick my brain and know more about what's been going on with me--even if I'm less than sure what that is myself :thermometer_face:

    Best regards,
    (not quite) HiBy Music representative

    Disclaimer: any portrayal of company going-ons are purely my personal speculation and not official statements by the company or even any employee of the company (coz I'd resigned, see)

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  9. peter1480
  10. Kolapso
    Bought R3 and it’s on the way! :)
    Welcome back Joe!
  11. idimonius
    Another suggestion to the list is to have an option to disable Tidal tab if not streaming.
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  12. Amsterdam

    Can i ask you what cable you use for the SE846? (love it) And what eartips are that?

    Greetings Fernnandez
  13. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Two comments on @Vimtoman 's list:
    4. LDAC
    This has been implemented and will be rolling out this week.
    28. Timer setting saved.
    I believe it is saved? You set the timer using the slider (when "off" is unchecked) and toggle the saved timer using the "off" checkbox. There's even a timer counter showing the time remaining before poweroff.

    The other suggestions / reports have been translated and sent to engineering.

    Best regards,
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  14. peter1480
    The cable is by Oidio and the tips are SipnFit
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  15. nanaholic
    29. Hiby Link on Android will only load 30 playlist from the R3 with no way to force a refresh/reload
    30. Hiby Link on iOS cover art is pixelated
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