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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO expected late October.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. goody
    Hey guys this is a short video i did for a the R3 ..so far its a good player this is just a little overview ..i am not a pro with this video thing so i hope it is ok

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  2. abitdeef

    I’m pretty excited, plus I bought a colour I’ve never had before- puurrple :)
  3. Photoman
    The case is nice too. Also waiting for my R3
  4. TomandNemo
    It’s not that heavy, has a good heft to it but it won’t fall out of your ears once you have a good seal, it’s actually quite small IMO.
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  5. TomandNemo
    The comets are not that heavy, it won’t fall off your ears once you have a good seal, also not that big once you see it in person
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  6. abitdeef
    Yeah waiting on that clip case for MO, R3 despite not having LDAC yet and no tidal offline ( which I don’t care about personally ) is really nice. Hope you get yours soon.
  7. abitdeef
    Nice,thanks again:)
  8. TomandNemo
    I’ve had a Pioneer XDP-100R since late 2016, it’s my daily driver. I have the audioquest dragonfly red for my iPhone X and Pixel 2.
    R3 seems to be much better than the Pioneer
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
  9. smallcaps

    First Impressions

    Had mine delivered on Sunday. Listened for a full day and now burning in the Seeds and to also check the power cycle. Sound aside (it sounds good), I loaded it up with 400gb worth of files (AAC, FLAC, APE, MP3) and it took some time to index everything. There is a noticeable delay when scrolling though files. Album art only appears once the scrolling input is completed. Really loving the form-factor and button usability is on point after some customizing. Haven't tried DLNA, Tidal or Bluetooth yet. Running the latest firmware as of today. Interested in how it will pair in a stack as the headphone outputs are good for portable but lack a bit of control for my harder to drive headphones (HD580s so far, HE4XX later).

    Speaking of portable, these are quite the gem. Got them for free from the Singapore CanJam promotion (Thank you kindly, @Joe Bloggs). Construction is good and the units are very nice to the touch. They remind me of a pebble that's been worn sleek by the gentle ebb and flow of a river over centuries. They are satin-touch finished metal (aluminum? Magnesium? Alloy?) and clack together whenever I handle them. Cable is nicely braided but are thin and prone to tangles. Terminated in 2.5mm TRRS tho so that's nice considering the Ω rating of the graphene drivers. It pairs with the R3 perfectly for a compact, run-and-gun system. Sound-wise: they sound good and isolate well for me with the included selection of tips. Curious how Hiby will handle this driver in higher-end designs. If this had replaceable cables and priced to match the iBasso IT01, I would shortlist both for auditioning before deciding which to buy.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
  10. goody
    same here it needs a bit more power check out my intial impression video ...the equalizer is not great but the MSEB thing is promising i like it
  11. Wickham
    I’m in a similar situation. Grey, USA, high backer number. Please let me know if you hear anything.
  12. Wickham
    I also have the 1more triple driver, which I like more than I thought I would. What cable are you using for balanced?
  13. TomandNemo
    I got a generic one from Amazon, from a company called future win. I haven’t got the funds for expensive balanced cables at the moment, maybe in the future I’ll buy good aftermarket cables.

    My only gripe about the 1more triple drivers is that it isn’t a proper over ear. After about 2 hours my ears start to feel the pressure and I have to take it off for a while. Other than that, I do like it a lot.
  14. briantf
    I received the shipping email this morning after asking. It says it shipped today. Makes me wonder if it shipped only because I asked about it.
  15. TomandNemo
    I had the same situation last week. I sent HiBy and email and 2 days later I got my shipping notification, but it took a few more days before the item actually started moving. I’m guessing the shipping proxy they are using takes a while to get the paperworks and custom clearance before they actually forward the packages to DHL; which is frustrating for some people because they expect their R3s to arrive shortly after the shipping notification gets sent.
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