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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO expected late October.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. gemmoglock
    Thanks, the lists work from folder structure, they just don't appear in Category as you mentioned. Still can't get lyrics to work though...

    Both the front and back have preapplied protectors, Hiby left on a second layer as per other screen protectors - just peel it slowly so the screen protector itself stays on both front and back. I removed the front one to put the tempered glass on, but since then there's a small chip...

    It doesn't fit the screen because it is 2.5D glass that tapers off to the edge. If the size is larger or if you misalign the tempered glass you will see a nasty side border that needs some hacks to hide neatly.
  2. ejong7
    That makes sense. My second thought was gonna be that the front protector is a thinner film and not the same tempered glass type they put on the back and gave an extra one. Thanks for clearing that up!
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  3. FSTOP
    Hi, guys.
    I've read through the entire thread to get all info i can on the R3 before commenting. And, i am just a potential purchaser when the dap is available for retail sale. I held myself back from the campaign as ive been burned too much lately with crowdfunding. Waited 3 years for the Seiun Pro-X which they have finally admitted they are incapable of producing...so, here i am looking for an affordable dap.
    Currently using my LG v20 as portable player, generally with pinnacle p1 or m100/xs cans.
    Can i expect at least as good (or better) SQ with the R3? Does it indeed have enough power to push the P1 well?
    Already have a sandisc 400gb card... Will it work? Is there a limit to amount of folders/tracks? (I should add that i have a cd collection near 10K, all ripped in flac).
    Im interested in the 8ball dsp, any more detailed information on this? I see there is a 10band eq as well, is there a provision to save your own profiles, or more than 1? I really use multiple eq custom presets a lot as i go from iems to hp's to my car/home stereo.
    Any comments on the quality of the Bluetooth? Ive got aptx-HD devices, so hoping the regular aptx (non HD) codec in R3 isnt too disappointing.
    Hoping many of you are getting your R3 and enjoying it, its a cute liitle thing for sure.
    THANKS for any info/help you can give me!
    Happy listening!
  4. tekkster
    The new tiny hidizs ap80 gets hibylink ;_;
  5. gemmoglock
    I used to rock a V20/PX combo. Let me try to answer your queries in the same order :wink:

    Sound quality is ok, I would say it is more a sidegrade. Detail retrieval is about tied, but different tuning. My V20 H990DS B&O play tuned version has a milder version of the R3 signature, which is fairly accurately described by Headfonics/Headfonia as a touch more bass quantity and less bass detail, contrasted with a slightly cleaner treble which works well on the move. The V20 to my ears has a mild midbass bump but not as much as R3. I think the V20 treble is a touch sharper and brighter than the R3.

    R3 power is less than V20 on high impedance mode. I run my Pinnacle PX (same as P1) on about 60-80/100 on unbalanced low gain, 40-60/100 on balanced low gain. V20 drives HD600 a bit easier at about 60% volume, I do that on R3 high gain unbalanced at about 70-80% if you are into headphones.

    I don't have a 400GB card only 64GB... if I recall correctly there is a file number cap at up to 15000 files but I can't recall where I read that from.

    MSEB and EQ only have one custom preset. MSEB is interesting and works different to EQ, which is useful but now I've switched to listening without either enabled. Don't have more info haha.

    I am old school and stick to wired. All I can say is if V20 finally gets its Oreo update, you will already have LDAC on your phone and do not need the R3's functionality, unless you want to avoid Android resampling/using bit perfect workarounds on Android.

    The interface is great, but if you are purely hunting for sound quality, do check out the DP-S1 review in my signature. If I had multiple DAPs and had to choose only one, I will put up with the crappy interface and get that. Neutral to a fault and reviewed by others to be nearly as good sound quality as its big brother DP-X1, as well as at the measurement lab.
    Or, stick with your V20 (amazing gcam mod and audio recording), and get the next Hiby model that appears next year :D

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
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  6. briantf
    I'm backer #1522 and haven't received shipping info for my grey r3. Could you check my tracking number? I'm in NC, USA if it helps.
  7. superuser1
    @fanoble Im backer # 481
    Its been 10 days since i got my tracking number which has since not been updated!
    Could you kindly confirm the status of my shipment please.
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  8. mikp
    my first tracking number took 8 days before it updated to "returned to shipper". Now received a second number,another 8 days?
  9. TomandNemo
    Got mine yesterday, 1 day early from estimated DHL delivery. Used several HPs (Audioquest nighthawk liquid wood version, HD600, and 1more triple drivers). I ordered a 2.5mm balanced cable from amazon to use with the nighthawks and 1more. So far I’m liking the sound, quite surprised that it drives my HD600 well enough at 80s volume level. Used it in the gym today paired with Sony MUC-M2BT1 and Campfire audio comets (has snugs custom ear tips salvaged from my other IEMs). Can’t wait for the promised LDAC so my MUCs can connect with better quality Bluetooth.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
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  10. abitdeef
    Cool, hey how do the comets compare sound wise to the one more triples? just curious. Are they both comfy? I love the R3 and can’t wait for LDAC.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
  11. surfgeorge
    Congrats! Enjoy it!
    What are you using besides the R3 to drive your headphones (especially the NightHawks?)
    How does the R3 compare?
  12. abitdeef
    Really strapped for cash atm, but I just ordered a Shanling MO to replace my dying clip plus for active use. I had a 100 dollar amazon card that I got for Xmas and I thought What, why not.

    I’ll do a mini R3-MO comparison with pics when I get it. Hopefully I can use the tiny touch screen. I’ve always had a thing for tiny daps :)
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  13. TomandNemo
    My triples are the headphones (H1707), but I do have the 1more in-ear quads as well. The comets are more detailed, quads are too bass heavy for me. None of the included tips with the comets work for me so I’m using custom tips from snugs which has really good fit, i originally used it for my B&O H5 (which I’ve now given to my brother).

    The balanced cables made the sound stage of the H1707 much better.
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  14. Photoman
    . You won't REGRET IT. The M0 is nice for that price
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  15. abitdeef

    Do the comets feel heavy? My ears are weird about iems and the nozzle looks huge.

    And thanks for the info, appreciate it!
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