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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO expected late October.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Jayden16
    I'm having an issue with my R3. When I listen on shuffle, the second song is always the same song and skipping it does absolutely nothing but restart the song (both with software and hardware buttons). When I do skip, the number of the song changes, but the song stays the same. I've tried deleting the problematic songs but it seems to be an issue to do with the player not recognising the character set (for instance, one of the problematic songs is called €666).

    Other than that, I'm really enjoying the R3.
  2. Reebonz
    The Hiby R3 and Chord Mojo are pretty much a perfect pairing, sound and size wise. Also thanks to the Hiby short coax cable making this setup looking so clean.

    I also used 3M velcro strip to stack instead of rubber bands to keep it neat and tidy and not blocking the screen. With velcro, I can also separate both devices easily when needed.

    A long wait, but ultimately worth it. Can't wait for the addition of LDAC!


  3. goody
    20180625_135946.jpg Well riddle me this ..look what turned up this morning my Hiby R3 and type-c 3.5mm to coaxial adapter sans leather case ..Thanks hiby... but you are still not off the hook the shipping has been a disaster i am nos 13** and backers way below me have still not received theirs they should have been priority ..

    I will be comparing this to my Sony A45 just to check the UI and sound i am keeping my fingers crossed it does not sound too neutral ..i will also be stacking with my FIIO A5
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
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  4. Jayden16
    Please update when you've tried stacking with your A5! It'll be much appreciated. I'm considering buying one and would like some thoughts on the pairing
  5. AndySocial
    Have you tried going through the "browse" mode, or are you using "category" mode? Previous Hiby firmware iterations didn't put external playlists under the Category-M3UList menu, for reasons that defy rational explanation, but you could play M3U lists if you browse the folder structure of your storage.
  6. Enshio
    @Joe Bloggs Is it normal for the R3 to make a feint rattle noise when shaking it side to side softly?
  7. fanoble
    Sorry to keep you waiting. We have shipped all black and gray units except 16 backers have not provided their shipping address.
    Please supply your backer No. and I'ill check the track # if it is available.
    Don't worry please, yours is on the way.
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  8. greenkiwi
    Any update on the lack of tracking updates for a week on DHL? Many of us have seen it just say "tracking number received" with no update since the 19th.
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  9. surfgeorge
    NICE!!!!! :ksc75smile::L3000::beyersmile: Enjoy and report please!
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  10. ejong7
    Is the screen protector that is included with the manual for the front or back? I'm assuming the front has no screen protector (based on the feel of it). surprised that its pretty small and doesnt fit the screen.
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  11. G_T_J
    Also interested
  12. oneula
    mine had the screen protectors already applied to the front and back
    I just had to peel off the external mylar sheet
  13. CactusPete23
    Looks Great ! How does it sound?

    Wonder if your WIFI and/or Bluetooth(+ eventual LDAC Transmission) will be affected by the MOJO blocking the back side ? Suspect signals will only come out through the screen side when connected to the Mojo...
    - Same thing happens if you place ANY phone or Wireless DAP with the backside (or frontside) on a Metal or Heavy Dense Surface I suppose...
    (Though you might have the R3 detached when you use bluetooth/LDAC headphones)
  14. Lurk650
    Haven't gone through the thread, but when does retail sales start?
  15. Wickham
    Same situation exactly. Waiting patiently. But I have a high backer number so not expecting anything soon.
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