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The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. kingkikapu
    It’s such a fun amp. Good choice.
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  2. whirlwind
    I know the amp is not suppose to be stacked on top of the power supply, but I don't have the desk space to sit them side by side.
    So I have them stacked.


    Powering the ZMF Ori the amp is only luke warm and I have tried low/medium/high gain and the noise floor is notta!
    Black as midnight...so I will leave them stacked for now.

    This is a great piece of gear.
  3. llamaluv
    FWIW, while leaving the two parts vertically stacked over this year, across multiple system configurations (multiple headphones, DACs, interconnects, power cables, with and w/o a power regenerator, and even different power outlets), I think I heard a hum like once. :)
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  4. kingkikapu
    Mine are stacked. No hun yet. Works for me.
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  5. joseph69
  6. joseph69
    I've had my GS-X stacked since receiving it, and have heard the hum on L gain with my PS2000e ver, very faintly. Strange, I've never heard it with any other efficient headphones I own but these. I've also heard it before with inefficient headphones that required H gain, but again, very, very faintly.
    This is what lead me to place the Mu-metal between the amp/psu.
    It solved the issue 100%.[/QUOTE]
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  7. whirlwind
    I am really diggin' this amp with my planars.

    I am thinking of maybe buying a nice second hand open LCD
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  8. ericx85
    Just posting to echo what Joseph said, I was worried about the stacking too since I don't have much room. So I just used some small plastic furniture pegs to give the amp more space between being on top the PSU, never heard any hums or noise once.

    For all the opinions I've read about the amp being harsh, the difference between coming from a Lyr 2 is night and day. The HD800S sounds so much nicer off this amp than the Lyr 2 (to be fair I know the Lyr 2 is a much cheaper amp, but still). I don't know if it's just me preferring SS sound over tubes, or the fact that I could go balanced with the GSX. While I'm still looking to one day try an equal quality tube amp, if you don't want to fuss with tubes, this amp wont let you down.
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  9. Arniesb
    Oh man my thought excatly. There are many good tube amps, but i dont like to fuss with tubes. Good to know that it sounds great with HD800S cause im saving for this or Niimbus. I like how Violectric Sound so Niimbus should be option, but i like less coloration, more transparent amps so this could be even better...
  10. eddie0817

    Does anyone compare the sound different for single end RCA inputs and balanced XLR inputs? then both use XLR 4 pin phone output.
    I am using the Chord Qutest which don't have balanced outputs.

  11. TSAVJason
    It is Chords position that balanced with their products would make no difference so it’s not a typical option all every model
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019
    The Source AV TSAVJason Stay updated on The Source AV at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com./pages/The-Source-AV-Design-Group/153623164648713 http://www.twitter.com/TheSourceAV http://www.instagram.com/Thesourceavdesign http://thesourceav.com/ Products@TheSourceAV.com
  12. yage
    Single ended into the GS-X mk 2 means that you're only using half of the amplifier modules - it's effectively a single-ended amp. If you have power hungry headphones, you should use a balanced source to get full power output.
  13. eddie0817
    Thanks Jason, for the Hugo TT or TT2 it does have the OPA transferred to balanced single outputs, DAVE also have it, I will try when I receive GSX Mkll.
  14. eddie0817
    Thanks yage, I am using HD820, obviously I may upgrade my Qutest to Dave in order to get balanced output also.
    Isn't besides full balance inputs, there is a OPA transferred single end single to balance in GSX mkll? when use 4 Pin XLR?
  15. whirlwind
    This amp will power the HD800 single ended with no problem.
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