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The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. Rhamnetin
    Honestly slapping a GS-X Mk2 on top of a Hugo TT 2 is probably overkill. I'm guessing the sound would not be too much different. At that point, might as well either go Stax (or MrSpeakers VOCE) or do something else with the money in my opinion.
  2. Ronsanut
    I have a STAX setup that I love. Just looking to elevate my Dynamics/Planar setup.
  3. Whazzzup
    True, the tt2 does have a high gain of bazillion watts, just cause I’m married to gsx, I would, but I’m not politically correct.
  4. Ronsanut
    Very nice. I just looked it up. I have a simple BrennanB2 that rips all my CD's . I mainly use its as a NAS for that collection and all controlled by Roon I/F. Works nice for me.
  5. stevenator
    I tend to agree with Rhamnetin, that you'd get more mileage out of a second setup and that you get a lot of the way there for the cost of a Hugo TT 2. Electrostatics are nice. Of course, you'll need *two* high end DACs then.

    I'm sure you're aware that there are many other capable DACs out there, but it seems you're attached to the Chord sound. Is this the case?
  6. Rhamnetin
    I see. The Hugo TT 2 alone will elevate both setups I would think.

    If you were asking me, yes Chord DACs are my favorite. But then again I haven't owned too many since testing DACs gets expensive!
    Ronsanut likes this.
  7. Ronsanut
    Yes that is the plan. Hugo TT2 > GSX-Mk2 > HD-800, Utopia, LCD-X and Hugo TT2 > BHSE > L700, SR-009. I think then I will be all set.
    Rhamnetin likes this.
  8. Ronsanut
    Yes, but my limited exposure has been mainly to Schiit DAC's and the Chord Qutest. I have not traveled to any shows and don't have any local audio stores that demo equipment. Thanks for all your feedback. You guys / this forum is awesome.
  9. balmediebeach1
    late to the party guys, but owned the amp for over a year now and love it,,,,i was wondering if there is any headphones that pair especially well with the amp or any i should be looking out for

    my setup is

    ..... ..................... ...... lcd2 pre fazor, hd650k, nhoord v2
    schiit gumby gsx mk2
    .... .................... ...... firstwatt j2, living voice obx-r


    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
  10. Ronsanut
    I just picked up my GS-X MkII as well. Th headphones I have paired wiith it so far are my HD-800's (modded), Focal Utopia's, and LCD2 Classics. All sound great.

    I had the Schiit Gumby , but recently sold it and have the Chrod QuTest now feeding the GS X MkII. It is stellar.

    Enjoy !
  11. balmediebeach1
    nice one,,, thinking about picking up another pair of hd800 and mod them, kind off regretted selling my last pair, also thinking hifiman he500s, had them before albeit through a valve amp and found them a bit syrupy, think they might shine with the gsx though,

    loving the gumby, just bought it recently and think its a superb match with the headamp,

    will need to try and have a listen to the focal headphones, definitely on the radar,

    Ronsanut likes this.
  12. joseph69
    I received my HE6se yesterday afternoon, and I have to say I was a bit concerned after reading a lot of posts about how the 6se needs be run off of amplifier taps for maximum performance. Well, even though I have no experience driving the 6se, the GS-X drove them with effortless authority.
    I also noticed that the GS-X ran cooler than usual while driving such an inefficient headphone when I
    would've thought the total opposite and expected it to be hot instead.
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  13. llamaluv
    That's interesting that the difference in heat was physically noticeable.

    When a class-A amp is doing more work than otherwise (eg, driving inefficient headphones), less current is "wasted" and getting converted into heat....
    Rhamnetin likes this.
  14. Rhamnetin
    Yeah the HE-6 power requirements are so overblown. I've owned one, I have a 200W RMS class A/B power amp, and the best amp for the HE-6 that I have come across is... the GS-X Mk2. It can deliver what, 4x or 6x the power that the HE-6 actually needs so plenty of headroom.
    purk likes this.
  15. joseph69
    That's why I mentioned it because thought it was strange that the amp ran cooler than when I drive my low impedance efficient headphones on L gain. I also noticed the amp ran cooler when I powered the Abyss Phi as well on H gain. Maybe it's dissipating the heat faster being it's working harder?
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