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The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. Xecuter
    Hi Guys, what DAC do you recommend in the 2k+ max 5k for the GS-X DACT. I know the GS-X is very neutral and looking for something to help give it a bit more tightness and extension in the bass department with the Abyss and the LCD-3.
  2. filuS
    To AppleheadMay: I am pretty sure that your post was triggered by mine, if not then it's one hell of a coincidence. It might not have been direct reply, but still, some correlation is there. No offence taken by the way - I know you're nice lad :)
    In our country, when you order something from the internet, you are allowed by law to return it in 7 working days without any reason. I think that hurts business more than cancelling an order before it is completed/sent out, because seller cannot put such item back for its original price. Plus, it has to go back to authorized service (or manufacturer) to get checked, and afterwards it can be sold as refurbished. For some reason I thought this law is more-less consistent across whole European Union (thus including BE as well), it's interesting to hear it in fact is not. I personally have never returned item unless it was defective.
    However - I don't think that refurbished goods from HeadAmp would be in danger of losing any value, even their used products go for almost the full price and are taken almost instantly. That also shows how good and desirable they are - props to Justin for that.
  3. AppleheadMay
    That's right, it was indeed triggered by your post. My rant just wasn't aimed at you.
    "Wrong foot out of bed" was the right assumption here, my rant was due to the problems I see passing on my desk on a daily basis and the things our company has to do in order to keep customers satisfied, some entirely justifiable, some absurd.
    But that is not related to your case here in any way.
    Just a bad day which made me post a rant here, something deserving an apology.
  4. Steve Eddy

    Right. The pot is typically right at the input and establishes the amp's input impedance.

  5. icebear
    I am totally happy with my e20 DAC (see avatar) but that might be hard to get at your end of the globe.
    It usually gets great reviews on performance but it doesn't seem to be that popular. Maybe the design of the housing is just to small and functional and with a 2k high end housing and 1/4 inch thick front plate it would be more attractive to people who value looks enough to pay extra.
    I can't comment yet on how it works together with the GSX MkII DACT but I'm gonna find out hopefully in a couple of month. Currently I'm driving my HD800 directly from the DAC single ended headphone output. For use with the GSX, it does have balanced output and volume adjustment (by Apple remote).
  6. twsmith
    Another DAC recommendation -- since you indicated that you would be willing to go up to 5K, I would suggest the Resonessence Invicta/Mirus.   Although my GS-X MkII is still on order, i have been using an Invicta with a Questyle CMA800R amp and HD800, and find this to be an excellent combination.   Since the GS-X Mk II should be as transparent and neutral, and likely more so, than the Questyle, the GS-X/Invicta (or Mirus) should be a fantastic match.   I see no reason why this combo wouldn't work well with other HPs. 
  7. Xecuter
    Thanks guys, I'm also considering the the PerfectWave MKII. I wish I could audition them all side by side, but looks like I'm going to have to buy on recommendation basis.
  8. Solude
    Can't go wrong with the PWD2 at the prices you can snag one used right now.
  9. Xecuter
    I live in Australia and I'd need a step up transformer to use US amps and DACs. There would probably only be a handful of PW2s in the whole country!
  10. nickif

    Invicta is not bad by all means , but my experience with all ess9018 based dacs (just heard a few though) is they all sound more or less the same regardless of the implementation
  11. Gandah
    Couldn't agree more, had a chance to have the Invicta here for a few days, and I could not tell it apart "in default mode" with my Calyx Femto, they sound exactly the same in every way.
    If I could have my time over again I would of chosen the Invicta over the Calyx because of the added features you get with the Invicta, plus it's a match smaller package compared to the Calyx which is huge in comparison to the two dac's
  12. Solude
    Why stop there.  The W4S DAC-2 costs even less and still has that Sabre "goodness".
  13. Gandah

    Well yeah MacedonianHero, swears by his W4S and for it's price it's definitely one to consider
  14. preproman
    Not anymore.... Looks like he prefers the new Bryston DAC.. 
  15. Gandah
    True... well he did like his W4S.... He like it longtime!!
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