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The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. filuS
    I am wondering if there is someone around here who cancelled his/her order in past - how long did it take for Justin to actually respond to such request? I sent an email with order cancellation almost 4 weeks ago, also sent email confirming that I in fact hadn't changed my mind 10 days afterwards, but I still didn't receive response of any kind. I understand that Justin is busy, but sending an email back with simple "Fine, your cancellation request is noted" would be nice.
  2. Solude
    Responded to mine in hours.  And then again in hours to ignore it and put me back on the list.
  3. filuS
    Well - ye, that's why I waited 10 days and sent second email confirming my decision. I know he mentioned here before that he waits some time before he scratches someone off the list permanently, I am just wondering how long does he wait now. I would not be thrilled to know that I would wait half a year for an amp, decided to cancel the order (for personal reasons, nothing to do with headamp, Justin nor long wait time) and end up waiting another 3 months to get back my deposit.
  4. justin w. Contributor
    Please send your email again. I was looking for it and couldnt find it today. I did receive it though . Use a new subject title and put cancel in it
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  5. filuS
    Maybe it could have been caused by me - I was actually replying to the message I received as order confirmation. I figured it won't be a problem since it is sent directly to your email address and it might help you to pair it with the order directly. Gmail does not have problem with pairing, but other mail services could use date of original message from April as ordering base, not date of last message in conversation. So, in the end my latest messages would be buried deep down in your mailer. Anyway - I sent you new message, this time it's not part of any previous conversation.
    Btw - thanks for your response, much appreciated
  6. AppleheadMay
    It just boggles my mind that it is allowed in todays's world to just wildly order things on the Internet and then simply cancel your order afterwards be it in the legally admitted period of two weeks (if ordered online) or even long there after in some of these cases (as allowed by Justin and some others). (Someone posting in this thread to cancel the order for no other than personal reasons due to the delivey taking too long?)
    When you order a GS-X it's a manually assembled and limited production item. Do the people who wildly order products around on the net even consider the implications for the manufacturer or simply selfishly think only about theirselves?
    Does it ake too long for you? Then maybe you should have ordered a mainstream readily available product.
    Sorry folks, but do your research first. The long wait times for a GS-X are widely known. They're bad publicity for Justin and do take away from his sales but only order one if you really want one and then don't come back on your decision.
    The quality however is also widely known and is good publicity. Be prepared to wait if you want it.
  7. Solude
    I didn't mind the wait and have never had problems with Justin, quite the opposite, but there are consumer laws in play that among other things define the rules.  Ie until you read the laws of the region don't spout whatever your local retailer would like you to believe they are :wink:
  8. AppleheadMay
    Don't spout laws own me until you have any knowledge of 25 years of socialsist invoked consumer laws in a country like Belgium on me mate. Canada is nohthig like the US, I know, but Belgium (or Europe as a whole) is a whole different matter. Any companies or self-employed people pay as much for their staff as they pay on social taxes for (deliberately) unemployed people and people who are ill or claim to be ill (a backbone disease or manic depression is easily claimed here).
    And laws, or at least like we have them here in Europe, don't dictatate how consumers and resellers (not even considering importers and distributors who are an unprdedictabable but unavoidable part of the chain) should behave civilized to one another.
    Just act reasonable. If you placed an order, you have made a commitment. If you have made a deposit, you agree. And if you were informed by a forum like HF you surely new about the wait times.
    So laws, indeed. are an easy way for consumers to hide themselves behind. Doesn't always work out that way though. :wink:
    And even if they do it doesn't mean they're right.
    Here, if a burglar breaks into your bedroom at night and threatens you, your wife and children, after which you shoot them results into the burglar being declared as the victim and you as the criminal. How just is that to Canadian law, I ask you?
  9. Solude
    Well off topic but the law is the same here.  Ie you can't break the law to prevent someone from breaking the law. 
    On topic here in Canada there is a window that the provider of a service or product has to produce after partial payment is made.  When the window expires the consumer can walk away without penalty.  I've had to use the clause before when a retailer took my money for Adcom gear and couldn't deliver because as I found out later... they had been removed from the dealer list.
    That said, HeadAmp isn't robbing anyone and delivers quality product at a great value but that doesn't mean consumers aren't free walk away.  Going to kick themselves in the long run but it moves the people behind them up so win win.

  10. paradoxper
    Blah blah. You need to understand that Headamp products are a little bit different. Extremely long wait times (improving in time?) and extremely high demand.
    So there really are no implications for Justin - someone is right there to jump on a canceled order.
    I agree, people should be more diligent before ordering a specialty product, but I think you should have also done your homework - and then seen how 
    every BHSE or GS-X sells in 5-minutes.
    Further, I've haphazardly ordered some products (the wrong one,) in which I requested a cancellation within just the first 2 days. I ended up
    with a cancellation fee, which I found understandable. Perhaps that's another way to do things.
  11. justin w. Contributor
    I'm not going to impose a cancellation fee or time limit on refunds or anything like that - except for 30 days after receiving the amp - because other businesses have found over the years that this decreases sales. 
    BTW - of the 60 GS-X mk2 shipped in the last batch, i received 0 returns. 
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  12. Solude
    Grats, none of you are insane =)
  13. filuS
    Long waiting time had nothing to do with my cancellation. Maybe a bit the uncertainty when it comes, but that was a very small factor. There is a difference between making orders for things that get shipped out in matter of days and something that takes half a year to build at best. Sometimes there are just unforeseen events happening and you have no control over them - I had very hard decision to make. Someone very close to me suddenly have some financial troubles, rough times for self employed people here, so I reconsidered my pre-order on GS-X. The fact that in few weeks I am moving to another country was a significant factor in my decision making as well. But I don't earn that much that GS-X would be just yet another piece on the shelf that won't even break my monthly budget. If I was absolutely sure that I would have enough money to pay for ordered goods, I wouldn't cancel my order. I think cancelling now is better than when the time comes and I am supposed to pay, I would be like "hmm, well, sorry, can you wait another 3 months?".
    Trades are two way deals - as long as customer and seller can talk it through as civilized people, I don't see a problem. I can't speak for everyone, but it does not make me happy I had to do this, and I am pretty sure Justin is not thrilled about it either. It was not just "wild order" - Justin requires 1/4 deposit for that exact purpose, to avoid people just wildly ordering. But, as I said, when you wait for so long, there will always be people that will change their mind, be it forced by circumstances or just reassessing their decision. I am not saying it's totally fair towards Justin (or any seller for that matter), and I wouldn't blame him if he took some portion of the deposit as penalty for the troubles. If he wanted to, he could have refused cancelling orders (or pay the deposit back). That's totally up to him. But I think it's would be very unfair on my part if tried to hold on to the commitment at all costs knowing that there is like 30% chance I won't have money ready when its built. And I am pretty sure that I am safe to say, there are couple of months ahead of us before current batch is finished. If I were to wait for another 6 months (like people in previous batch did), most likely I wouldn't even consider cancelling order on GS-X. Or if it was ready this month as was the estimation I got when I made the order (which I knew can change easily - I was ready to wait as long as it would take - but the timing with all that is happening in my life is very far from ideal) - I wouldn't dare to cancel an order when it's ready to be shipped.
  14. Theogenes
    Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, did we?
    I don't see anything filuS did wrong here, assuming that's who you were referring to. People make plans, life happens, plans change. Pretty straightforward IMO, and Justin (to his credit) seems to handle it well. Not sure what triggered the soliloquy here...
  15. icebear

    That was my thought exactely [​IMG].
    It's up to Justin to deal with cancellations and as he indicated he's not going to change anything [​IMG].
    If the customer still has 30 day return policy, then a cancellation will still be easier to handle than a return of the already shipped product.
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