The Great Record Clear-out: don giovani
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Wasn't the Giulini also EMI? I'd stick with that one but only if it's not the remastered version from 2002.
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Early sixties - engineered by Legge, but i assume a much later pressing. I shall keep the guilini! Got to dump a load of mahler next..

I only have the mfp Barbirolli for nine, but eight.. haitink '71 phillips or solti '72 decca?

only one seven, only one six, five i have the barbirolli and Herbert vK on DG as well as tennstedt. the latter can go and I'll think about offloading Herbert.

Four: I've never listened to four much but have klemperer asd 2799 tennstedt asd 4344 and solti on decca '72 german pressing. I used to collect asd for fun, but not sure there's much point now. Which do I off-load?!

three tilson thomas (never listened to it) two rattle - fantastic record: i tend to only listen to two because I like this recording so much (sorry, Sir John), and

one. James levine, bruno walter and a strange recording from everest of boult with the LPO using telefunken, akg and neuman mikes and half inch tape courtest of harry belock in 1958. ?!? two of these have got to go.. Any ideas?!

This is fun!

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