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Mar 8, 2016
Post European artists and music here in the genre of your choice (e.g. pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, folk, opera, house, etc.). Old or new.

Post as often as you like. But please post only authorized and official content by the artists whenever possible. And if you are posting individual tracks or videos, please put each one in a separate post to make things more manageable. Thanks sincerely!

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I've tried to expand the list of related topics above a bit more. Most of the new topics are older and less active ones though. So suggestions for other topics (esp. the more recent/active ones) that include European artists would be welcome.

I know there are some popular European rock bands, for example, in the metal, prog, and synth rock genres. But not sure which, if any, threads would be good to cite for some of those.
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New Anna Pletnyova.

"Prestupleniye I Nakazaniye" (Crime & Punishment)

Fyi, Anna and Vintage (Винтаж) are easily my favorite Russian pop artists. And have been for a long time. Anna P is a bit like the Madonna or Gaga of Eastern Europe. And her/their videos are often heavy on the innuendo and multiple meanings. And this video is probably no exception.

Her music and videos also tend to be on the brighter side of the musical spectrum, due to her somewhat higher pitched voice.
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Austrian music show from the 1960's-1970's. Videos are a mix of American and European artists of that period in the rock, pop, and R&B genres. Some of the performances are live. And some are lip-synced. I sampled a few of the videos and the SQ wasn't that great on many of them. Many of the artists seem to have been B-listers as well. Ie, not the top acts of the day. Interesting window though into the music scene of the time.
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