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The Fragrant Zither (TFZ) Reviews and Impressions Thread

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  1. Nabillion_786
    I'm loving the os v3 right now, especially the bass! Omdz does it sound good! Treble is mature and done really well and not too bright. The mids have good resolution and detail but its not thick or lush which is a little problem for me. Soundstage is good with a lot of space and I hear more height then width.

    How are you finding your secret gardens now? Any changes in impressions or is it still really solid all around? I would love it if you could describe the soundstage and placement of vocals to me and how full they are because after your final impressions i will make up my final decision.
  2. thejoker13
    Thank you for your impressions of the osv3! That's one that I've had my eyes on for awhile, but just haven't pulled the trigger yet on.
    I'm still very impressed with the secret gardens and think they are well worth their asking price and then some. I really feel that people's listening volume will highly dictate their feelings the SG. They definitely do get hotter in the treble and more V shaped the higher the volume. I don't have a db measurement tool, so I don't know exactly how loud I listen. I keep my volume between 50-60% on my LG V20 if that helps at all. At that volume, the SG have great bass texture and lush, full mids, with highly detailed treble. They have become my go-to for movies and YouTube etc. I love their natural tonality as well. The vocal staging depends on volume, so they are slightly forward and full at my volume level. You could audition them from Amazon and return them if you weren't satisfied, which is a plus.
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  3. sino8r
    Folks, I am enjoying TFZ Queen I got last week but have noticed that it can get muddy on some songs and the soundstage is a bit smaller than I'm used. I really do love it in most situations and is by far the most comfortable, well sealing iem I've ever used. Do any of the other TFZ have a good mid bassy sound like the Queen with more clarity and soundstage? Would y'all recommend King Pro or something similar? Is it still compact and seals well like the Queen? Thanks for any input!
  4. thejoker13
    I haven't heard the queens, but the Secret Garden's are exactly as you describe. They tick all of your requested boxes extremely nicely. They have a semi custom fit, and isolate extremely well. They have fantastic bass and mids, as well as highly detailed treble and with a nice wide and deep soundstage. I highly recommend them!
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  5. sino8r
    Thanks! I'll probably grab those and do a comparison with the Fiio FH5. Seems like they're in a similar class with ibasso it04.
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  6. thejoker13
    I'd love to read your impressions and comparisons of those 3 iem's. Please share them if you do end up buying the secret gardens!
  7. sino8r
    I will. I've got to send back two of the KZ flagships and another set but I'm definitely getting the Secret Gardens right now on Amazon. I wonder if the Secret Garden 3 might be a better comparison to ibasso it04 though. They're around the same price range and probably in another class even above the Fiio FH5. I had my doubts about all BA iems outside of the high end stuff but KZ pulled it off soundwise in an affordable option although the build quality, fit, plus ability to seal properly needs more work.
  8. superuser1
    Did anyone take one for the team and order the TFZ SG 3?
  9. Fawzay
    I am awaiting for the secret garden 3 to arrive to my local audio store sooner this month, and ill try to audition them and do a quick comparison of the availability of other TFZ products and some obviously not "burnt-in" and i believe burnt-in is a myth~
  10. Nabillion_786
    Thank you ever soo much, this information really does help me. That probably explains why some people find the midrange recessed and others find it more forward. I am really really tempted now to pull the trigger but unfortunately I'm from the people who listens at high volumes. If you don't mind could you let me know how recessed it sounds at high volumes? Is it a big v like how some others think? Also I listen about 75-90% depending on the content.

    Unfortunately I would love to audition these but I live in the UK so i can' really get my hands on chifi stuff here unless I order from abroad :frowning2:.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  11. wind016
    Hey brother, how do Tonekings compare to the Secret Gardens?
  12. thejoker13
    Hey wind! Which Toneking are you curious about? I have the nine tail, T4, T66s and T88k and they're all pretty different sounding when being compared to the Secret Garden's.
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  13. wind016
    Thanks for responding! I'm really curious about the T66s and T88k. The multi BAs. I got the TFZ EX King. Loving it. I think it's the best IEM I've heard so far though there definitely is 4k treble peak that i have to EQ down. I'm super curious about upgrading to Tonekings. My only experience with multiBAs are the KZs and I think they sound spectacular for the price.
  14. Amberlamps
    I know this is the TFZ thread, but I just bought a pair of Anew U1 iem’s, wow, what a pair of iem’s for the price. They are on Penon’s website.
    They easily outclass iBasso iT01. To be honest, they beat alot of iem’s twice their $130 price tag. Funny thing is, I wasn’t going to buy them because they only come in white, I know, it’s vain, but I like my iem’s to be stealth iem’s, not really visible when wearing them.

    But these iem’s have me hooked straight out of the box. Just something to consider if buying.
  15. thejoker13
    The T66s and T88k are much warmer sounding overall, with a much smoother treble. They're still very detailed, but it's much more subtle and not in your face like the TFZ's. I wouldn't say the Toneking's are dark, but definitely not bright like the TFZ's. Both the T66s and T88k have excellent, non recessed mids, with deep impacts bass, and are the best I've heard yet coming from a BA and not a dynamic driver. The Tonekings could be summed up by several adjectives like, smooth, lush, refined. I hope that helps!
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