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The Football Thread.. a new Season dawns

  1. OK-Guy
    Start of the English Premier League today (our lower leagues kicked-off last weekend), my beloved West Ham are probably one of favourites to get relegated, such is my optimism I believe we may succeed in this little fatality... our opening game is against London rivals Tottenscum (West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur), if we lose it will be humiliating for the sole reason that I'll have to put up with their pathetic fans giving it the large one.
    This thread is for all football no matter which country or league... one day you will extol the joys of footie, the next you will be racked with the sadness of abject failure... such is life supporting the 'Beautiful-Game'.
    I'll complete a proper thread opener over time... let Battle commence... [​IMG] 
  2. Soundsgoodtome

    Fierce yes, just downright amazing matches. I'll embed when I'm on a PC our first derby or as we call it "the I5 rivalry or Cascadia Rivalry" match we had earlier this season. Basically a no defense game led to a 4-4 draw with Seattle losing to Portland 4-1 in the 80th min and a hat-trick tie by Clint Dempsey (one pk). Basically an entertainment game for the nation as it was broadcast throughout the country.

    Fans travel to the stadium which is a 4hr bus ride, relatively close when looking at games with distances like Seattle to Houston or New England. We're allowed 500 to their stadium and we allow something around 800-1000 of their fans to our home games (Portland capacity being around 22k and ours around 65k).

    Seattle is the current top team with 2 points over 2nd place but having played 2 less games. We have a supporters shield for highest points but we determine our champions by good ol playoff format. Sadly as good of a run we get in the regular season, we haven't made it to a cup yet. Closest was 2011 but we lost to LA Galaxy in the semi-finals with Beckham 'retiring' aka transferring to PSG. He won 2 cups in 2 countries back to back, not a bad way to exit the game.

    Speaking of Beckham, gotta give it to the man for changing the MLS. Now we've got the likes of Villa, Defoe, Bradley, Lampard, Kaka, Robinho, Dempsey, Martins, Henry all here. The league has grown exponentially since and in return Beckham gets a team in Miami for a discounted price as long as he gets his stadium built...or so I'm told.
  3. OK-Guy
    big part of going to games in England is the fans... our fans are pretty terrifying when upset but for the most we're a happy bunch, we don't like our beer sessions interrupted for the sole reason you have to be drunk to put up with the football dross we get served-up each week... here's a match thread so you get some idea of how polite we are to each other (not for the feint hearted): http://www.westhamonline.net/forum_flat.php?7502728|o
    how we roll before a game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U73ihqf8qsc
  4. kaixax555
    Can't wait for the season to begin!
    I wonder how Fabregas and Diego Costa will change the game in Chelsea
  5. Soundsgoodtome
    Another derby this Sunday between Seattle And Portland at 2PM Pacific time, should be a good one as last time they played down there in April this happened:
  6. Soundsgoodtome

    Bid on a baby's team?!

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