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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by tilpo, Aug 26, 2012.
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  1. Ryan Sayce
    8mb isn't much to upload, do you have a very slow internet ?
  2. UELong
    No. But the file size would have to be broken up to go through.
  3. Ryan Sayce
    Ok thanks anyway, I will wait for someone else to hopefully be my saviour.
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  4. WoodyLuvr
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  5. UELong
    Do they mention the VSP rolling and headake problems over there? Sounds interesting, anyhow. I'll give it a looksee.
  6. theaudiologist
    is foobar's convertion good? if i convert a flac to wav of the same bit depth and sample rate will it lose quality?
    if i undersample the flac file into a lower sampling rate will foobar give it more noise and quantization errors?
    if i change a 6-channel flac file to a 2-channel will it lose quality and the errors in the line above?
  7. terry81
    Using a 24/96 DAC on USB and WASAPI event in foobar, is it possible to play 24/192 files? I'm getting an error unless I select DS.
  8. Slogra
    You need to resample to 24/96 to make wasapi work on your dac. So go Options -> DSP and select a resampler and set it to 96khz.

    While you are at it, you might wanna try 44.1khz to find out if you can hear any difference :)

    Personally i use the ssrc resampler.
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  9. terry81
    Makes sense. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  10. PleasantSounds
    Flac and wav are both lossless formats - this means the content fed to the DAC is identical. All you lose converting flac to wav is disc space and ability to embed metatags in the audio file.
    Resampling results may vary depending on the resampler used and the parameters chosen. I use SoX which is an add-on component and find it very good for both up- and down-sampling.
    Downmixing from 5.1 to stereo is rarely as good as getting the proper stereo mix, but if that's the only source you have it's still OK. The resulting stereo image may be not as clear as in the stereo mix.
  11. UELong
    Thanks for being a great resource on this thread.
  12. timb5881
    Does anyone know how I can get my Korg ds-dac100m to play dsd files on foobar? The only thing I can do now is let the output be pcm.
  13. seoman
    Have you installed the asio component in foobar?

    Korg sais:
  14. UELong
    I'm using the Hugo2 which can receive true DSD (no need for DoP'ing). What I'm not sure of, is how to make sure I'm sending DSD without DoP? I'm using the version 1.0.X components, now. I'm an eegit. I run DSD256 just fine. So I think that answers my question.
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  15. timb5881
    I did try that, and it wiped out all of my dsd drivers for other DAC’s, it still did not play dsd files, only if the output was set to pcm.
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