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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by tilpo, Aug 26, 2012.
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  1. eschell27
    Any of you tried playing around with any of the remote control components? I have a comfy chair that i like to lounge in and listen to my headphones when i'm not in front of my PC listening and had been getting annoyed by having to get up to change tracks etc so i thought HMMMmmmmm there must be some kind of android/ios remote control with an addin component for the pc version of foobar2000....sure enough there it is. Has more functionality that i actually wanted and seems to work fairly well. If any of you find yourself in a similar predicament give this a try. I'm using it on my android phone.
    Here are the links to the playstore android app and their site explaining the rather easy setup with a link to the pc side software download.

    If anyone gives it a shot, i'd be interested to see what you think! Only been using it for a little bit tonight but haven't really encountered any bugs....yet.   [​IMG]
  2. canthearyou

    Foobarcon works for me.
  3. UELong
    I have a question about converting izo to dsf. I've used izo2dsd up to now, but being freeware, it doesn't work with my screenreader. A screenreader is a program which lets blind people use their computers with speech and without the need to use a mouse. I2D isn't desined to use that way. So my quetion is simply; is there a plug-in to use foobar2000 to convert iso to dsd? Sorry for the typing mistakes, but whenever I backspace to correct, I'm thrown out of the edit field in this new version of Head-fi.
    Thanks in advance.
  4. Claude
    Concerning remote control:

    I use foobar2000controller, with 2 servers alternatively (desktop PC in living room, laptop in bedroom), and it works fine for me, the way I use it (I don't use the library function a lot, but copy albums manually into a playlist on the PC and then use the Android app to control playback from my listening position).

    @UELong: SACD ISO support in foobar2000 depends on the SACD plugin, which does not offer ISO to DSF conversion. You can only convert tracks from the ISO to PCM (to built-in formats).
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  5. UELong
    Thanks. I was afraid of that.
  6. whirlwind
    Are you guys saying that foobar does not do DSD
  7. UELong
    No. It does DSD with the propper add-on. I was looking for a way to use FB to convert iso images to DSF for tagging and using in my player which doesn't play ISOs. I'm also a blind dude, and the usual program, ISO2DSD, doesn't read with my blind-guy software. Foobar is more usable in that way. That was the reason for my inquiry. HTH
  8. canthearyou
    I can't for the life of me get Foobar to convert PCM to DSD and play. I've tried every single guide that I could find anywhere. I've uninstalled and reinstalled both an old and newer version. Hell, I can't even get it to play an actual DSD file!

    Not sure what I did but it's working!
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  9. UELong
    Did you or are you now using Foo_input_sacd 1.0.5? I found that worked for me. But I've not tried to sample from PCM2DSD.
  10. canthearyou
    I'm using 0.9.7
  11. UELong
    Funny; 0.9.7 never worked for me. I used 0.8.4 for the longest time. Then, to keep up with the times, I went to Windows 7 in January. I had to change up to 1.0.5, which worked like a charm. But as long as it works now, that's cool.
  12. Claude
    With the DSD processor which is part of the recent versions of the SACD plugin I can set conversion of PCM signals up to DSD128. The higher settings don't work. The DAC confirms that it receives DSD128.
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  13. Mshenay Contributor
    I don't know why, but using Kernal Streaming with my Audio GD NFb10ES2 some times when I go from Pause to play I get a LOT of static. I'm now in the habbit of JUST stopping instead of pausing, as that has never created the noise for me, but has any one else had this issue?
  14. canthearyou
    Have you tried adjusting the buffer?
  15. Mshenay Contributor
    yeap I have it set 1000, lowering it to 800 helps a little but it's still an issue.

    I guess I'll need to see what the lowest possible buffer value I can have before the visualizations stop working
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