The first song you listen to when you get new headphones
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I like to listen to older mid-tempo Amon Amarth songs like Across the Rainbow Bridge, And soon the world will cease to be and see how they produce that guitar crunch as well as Bass drums. Then i move on to a cleaner Iron Maiden tune at a slow tempo and check out the individual instruments and vocals, even with Classical all my purchases have been sweet where they aren't really recommended for that.
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1. Dire Straits>Money for Nothing
2. Slash>Slash>Beautiful Dangerous feat. Fergie.

Fergie could be one bada$$ rocker. Would like more of her rocking it. Her Baracuda cover is awesome and Paradise City.
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Tool - Forty-six & 2 (sometimes just the opening bass sequence)
then usually Meshuggah - Bleed or Lethargica
then a random Nirvana or Alice in Chains unplugged vinyl rip
Gives me a quick idea what I'll like to listen to through them the most.
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I always go for a song with a quiet lead in and big finish .  "In your room " by Depeche Mode which was THE track on the album Songs of Faith and Devotion is a song of building intensity with  Gahan's anguished vocals and the contorted and ominous strings, synths and beats of Gore,Wilder and Fletch.  It gives me a good idea of what to expect in the future.
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Any of the following depending on what kind of phones they are
Basshead Cans
Crush - Pendulum
Invaders Must Die - Prodigy
Rock N' Roll - Skrillex
Balanced/Analytical Cans
Beethoven Symphony No.5
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Map of your head- Muse. So good with Grados, I love the acoustic guitar.
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I'm somewhat new to classical and have never heard of this piece. I see that the full symphony is called "The planets", sounds interesting. I'm going to check it out. Any recommendation on a good recording?
Usually it's a classical piece - orchestral piece like Holst's jupiter.


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