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The Fiio X5 Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zzffnn, Apr 26, 2013.
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  1. burtomr
    You betcha....
    Have you tested your Kingston SD card with a Memory Test App???  If not, now you must. Always test new cards BEFORE you load them to make sure they are good. The App will verify the memory by writing and then reading back every GB and report the results to you. Yes, it takes some time so expect that.
  2. Age8E
    As others have said, the click is just a protection circuit, no? And the first 2-3 second song skip he's talking about was fixed in 2.02b and 2.03b. The player still takes 2-3 seconds to play the first track after powering up, but it begins at the start of the song, rather than 2-3 seconds in.
  3. Cachicamo

    Thanks Burtomr. I'll run the test when I'm home. Maybe it's a fake card, I bought it from a private person of a dutch trading website (Marktplaats.nl)
  4. cooperpwc
    I have been enjoying this rig greatly of late. 
  5. dulty
  6. Muenchener
    I've just upgraded to 2.03b, although I don't like to beta test firmwares. You are right, that bug is now gone. Thanks!
  7. Muenchener
    My bad. Misquotation.
    Bug solved with 2.03b firmware, BTW.
  8. jazzman7
    I'm pretty sure it is one of these:
  9. cooperpwc
  10. dulty
    Looks awesome, well done sir!
  11. uzi2

    It's the ultimate bling - strap a gold bar to your X5!
    Looks awful to me, but I'm sure it sounds good, which is more to the point.
  12. cooperpwc
    If someone else had joined me, I would have ordered my GS-X mk2 in orange too. You need two for a specialty front panel but there were no takers.
    I love orange. It's not for everyone...  :wink:
    And yes, the X5 + Pico Power really does sound good.
  13. Age8E
    No problem. It wasn't very widely discussed, I think, which seems strange, since it was one of the most voted-for bugs on the list.
  14. blackwolf1006

    Very nice. Does any one know how the Pico Power perform against the Pico DAC/Amp.
  15. Loquah
    Cooper, why did you chose to have the line in / out and volume at the bottom of the X5?
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